Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • Jan

it looks good!! but the specs is not that good,, it looks like my w595,,

  • Sayon

sneddenraj, 13 Apr 2010Its good to see SE goin now with the Ideal Ports and Card f... moreZylo doesnt have 3.5 jack....

  • Anonymous this still considered a true walkman phone even though it's not part of the W series?

  • XXX

Low Ends Phone People with Low Price!!! What's wrong with you??? i don't see anyone Bash Samsung or LG or Even Nokia for their Ugly low Ends Phone... this is Cheep Phone with good Design

  • Anonymous

They're just the specs, it might change over the months right?

  • rx

deandhay, 13 Apr 2010no multitasking on this fone...!it is not a smartphone so duhu!

  • Anonymous

SE meet all users budget.. not everybody can afford expensive phone like i phone, htc and so on.. but still they want to change a new phone when the time come... GO SE!!

  • Anonymous

it is a good thing indeed to see 3.5 jack and usb ports on SE phones, specially this one that is not even a highend phone.

but i think the reason why SE put the standard fast port on the zylo is because they still want as us to choose between the two. because zylo seems to have better specs than this one.

just like satio and vivaz.

  • raymond

is it quad-band or only dual-band?

  • Venom

deandhay, 13 Apr 2010no multitasking on this fone...!it does have multitasking

  • i

deandhay, 13 Apr 2010no multitasking on this fone...!are you blind...

  • Kanisha

Hey when it will be released? umm any proper date known?

  • Ammory.M

sadly.... it's not a good phone !!!! :(

no touchscreen
no 3.5mm jack
no wi-fi
256k colors
no secondary camera
and it's a 2010 phone !!!!?

sorry but this is my opinion .... :(

  • deandhay

no multitasking on this fone...!

  • Anonymous

Hope its batery life is gud it wil cost around 6000 in india


Releasing date---
early in July 2010.
And the price will be 150 to160$, in indian rupees 7000 to 8000 rupees.

  • Anonymous

It seems that SE start using name for its mobilephones (Yari, Spiro, etc) and never using code series anymore (W995, C905, etc). I like that.

  • Anonymous

Gud phone but just 5mb internal memory .and also scren should hav ben 2.4inch.i wil giv 7 on 10 and wht about batery life?

  • MG

sneddenraj, 13 Apr 2010Its good to see SE goin now with the Ideal Ports and Card f... moreSpiro has 3.5mm jack and usb port. Unfortunately Zylo has the normal fastport. I think probably it is one the last SE phones to have it, probably it was an old project. From now on, all phone will have 3.5mm jacks and usb ports.

  • XXX

i haven't seen the whole phone yet but basically i like the design