Sony Ericsson T100

Sony Ericsson T100

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  • Anonymous

what woul you expect for 80euros??? a computer???????

  • supreme

Altough it is a cheap phone, it has a lot of properties and good performance, and very good design.

  • REV

Fank fuck Sonicsson's? kept the pilot light (T300)=1st Sonicsson without it=stupid! Aint had a chance 2 fondle it yet. Hopefully enough memory for phone directory & text messages. Does it have a dormant alarm? Sweet gadgets available 4it. Looks good. The shape from the rear seems nice to hold & appears firm; unlike ERICSSON R520 = flat n bony = totally unsexy. Hold up "this sounds pervy". Seems a good fone, we'll see when a have a little feel up with it. Stuff the games = buy a bloody PS. Download ringtones = Get an MP3/walkman etc, & a ***ing life!

  • Amrozi

Just bought one only to find out it does not have Indonesian dictionary :-(

  • Poce

Composer - Yes
Vocal calling - No

  • mohammed mamaji

what is EMS

  • salman

sony erricson is cool-(t100)
does it posses a composer?

  • sel

i just bought this phone yesterday. so light so blue so cool! if u got a nokia 3xxx series phone, use that as a paperweight and just get this phone! no worries!

  • mihai

I really like this phone but I want to know if has,how do you say,vocal calling.Please,tell me!
Thank U verry much!!!

  • Rebecca

I bought an Ericsson T100 yesterday to replace my Ericsson 1018s and I LOVE IT!!!!!! The blue screen is so cute and it is easy to use!

  • Bambang budi

we just buy this handset. For modification next time please add polyponic ring tone. this phone so small & so nice.

  • wichien

Please inform the functions

  • wichien

Good design but not know about functions

  • Poce

The capacity is 100.

  • fauzi

this is very interesting phone. but, i don't know the capacity of phonebook memory of it. can anybody help?

  • Ed

Hey guys... Let's just look at things this way... There are 2 kinds of mobile phone buyers around... The first kind are the kind that are willing to pay high prices for the latest in technology. The second kind just prefers a simple phone that looks good and have basic functions. I am the first kind. However, if you belong to the 2nd grp then you should get this phone as it is a really sleek phone I would recommend to anyone who does not think he/she needs a colour screen. Stop arguing people!

  • Anonymous

I think all Nokia phones so pinkle!

  • Anonymous

the feeling when i hold it in my hand: just sweet

  • Raza Ali

Fuck NOKIA with its ugly designs and stupid prices and im sure they make fool their customers with few changes in cells(by the name of new model) and hell of price difference KEEP IT UP SONY ERICSSON jus add polyphonic bell in ur cells price s very nice of new T100 and design s superb WELL DONE soon i ll buy it INSHALLAH

  • vR99

SEPGUY --- why u so fedup with life.... if u want a camera ok fine get a camera that u already have... if u want games ok sure... use ure hp juordola or wateva.. n if u need a life call me at 62353535.. for now sony ericsson t300 is the best phone in the galaxy... so dun cry too much nokia sucks!!!