Sony Ericsson T280

Sony Ericsson T280

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I find this phone weird as it doesn't have a center key in the d-pad.

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    • Anonymous
    • 3aN
    • 24 May 2018

    How do you increase the sound of calls using this phone

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      • AnonD-635175
      • pcn
      • 19 Jan 2017

      pickname, 23 Oct 2015a very reliable mobileph. how can i get my photos downloade... moreBy MMS. The only option I can see in this case is that to just send all the pictures you want to save via MMS to an email that you can open on your tablet.

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        • pickname
        • iGD
        • 23 Oct 2015

        a very reliable mobileph. how can i get my photos downloaded to a tablet without using 9pin? cable neither bluetooth?

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          • tonypolrun
          • nEm
          • 08 Sep 2013

          My inbox is losing the capacity to store calls. I have to delete more than one in order to have room for a call. Any advice would be welcome

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            • ericcson showroom
            • 9Bc
            • 19 Oct 2012

            AnonD-55244, 18 May 2012where can i buy this classic phone?I want buy this fonet280

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              • ruben tugade
              • i4P
              • 09 Jul 2012

              how can i reset the phone lock the easy way i forgot the pin code of my phone...

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                • Dun
                • Tuh
                • 29 Jun 2012

                AnonD-58720, 12 Jun 2012how do i find the phone lock code to use my phone,If it's not the SIM-card that locked, the SIM-card has two lock codes PIN and PUK (in sweden at least).

                If it's the phone that is locked it'¨s oftenly 0000 as default :)
                If it's changed by a user ...and forgotten.

                Easiest way is to use the Sony/SonyEricsson SUS/SEUS and reinstall the phones firmware, from scratch.

                Hopefully the Sony still have the Firmware for T280 for downloading, from the same site can u download the SUS/SEUS.

                Good luck.

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                  • AnonD-58720
                  • m5Y
                  • 12 Jun 2012

                  how do i find the phone lock code to use my phone,

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                    • AnonD-55244
                    • uC0
                    • 18 May 2012

                    where can i buy this classic phone?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • t7X
                      • 09 Apr 2012

                      what is reset? How can i open my phone

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                        • phone tech
                        • LK3
                        • 10 Mar 2012

                        kkk, 26 Jun 2011can this phone block private calls?yes

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 0Fc
                          • 04 Mar 2012

                          agui, 10 Jun 2009how can i delete the numbers listed in 'Recently used' opti... moreHow do you delete recently used numbers

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                            • blablabla
                            • ibe
                            • 13 Dec 2011

                            Anonymous, 05 Aug 2009i currently own this phone, but theres no black background ... moreyou can go mobile9 or to download the stuff

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                              • kkk
                              • LKn
                              • 26 Jun 2011

                              can this phone block private calls?

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                                • greg
                                • T41
                                • 17 Jun 2011

                                Good phone for calls,sms. Poor camera but it is perfect for ppl who want a simple phone. Only the speaker is not as good as it could be.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0p@
                                  • 11 Jan 2011

                                  It's a simple phone, fits for the one who want to call with their phone

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                                    • me
                                    • LhS
                                    • 30 Nov 2010

                                    Anonymous, 21 Nov 2010The battery is poor (doen't hold the charge)& it gets h... moresomething is wrong with your unit. mine holds charge for about 5 days and doesn't heat at all. the best cheap phone I ever had!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • kar
                                      • 21 Nov 2010

                                      The battery is poor (doen't hold the charge)& it gets hot.Y is this?

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                                        • sheltic warrior
                                        • PEd
                                        • 08 Nov 2010

                                        its a nice phone with metal covering,i dropped it from by bike 5 times on road,but it continously working good,perfect phone