Sony Ericsson T280

Sony Ericsson T280

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  • koolboywingston

this phone is good bad AND .....UGLY..............

  • modo

dont like design. its like every other SE

  • j b

pathetic !!!

  • giggles

Yeah, and why every one newest from the T-seies is so useful

  • ramr

SE, back to the drawing board... or to the bat cave, perhaps.

  • Anonymous

Those phones are for people who can't afford a expenisve phone...SO STOP COMMENTING about its features.....if u have money and posibilities comment on those for you.....

  • pyinkk

i love sony ericsson but i must say this is a crap....
i mean who 'd like to use such a fone n ow a days when there r alot of very good featured fones r available in the market....

  • lonestar

i think SE should focus on the K & W series more

  • neos

oh yeah and am the second .... a lil late :( but never mind

again not very excitin phones from sony lol :)

  • manny

@ everybody

FIRST!!! at last

Number 1 baby