Sony Ericsson T610

Sony Ericsson T610

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  • bow

two years ago this phone looks great and very expensive but now...even the lower price and class k300 is much better...

  • dere yalaju

hello people! i am currently using a T610 and i love its sleekiness, good pricing and features, the only minuses are that: the camera is not so clear, u can hardly see the screen when you are outside on a sunny day. the memory space is small also. other than these the T610 is a very nice phone

  • harish

Used to have this phone.... Sleek phone... will highlight the probs though... has very less memory....the camera clarity is not that great too... go out in sunshine and u cannot see the screen at all.... plus the glass screen gets scratches very easily. the sound of ring tone is very less though vibrator is very strong.... Still it is a sleek and robust piece!!!!

  • Lukasz

Had this phone for over 18 months...alas it was finally replaced by the D750i. Never any problems, battery lasts FOREVER, fropped it soooo many times and it keeps on ticking. Gave it to girlfriend since her crappy motorola phone stinks. This phone was well worth the investment 18 months ago.

  • Sue

This is useless out of doors. Cannot see anything on the screen. Otherwise it has all the features I want, and many I do not. If it only had a visible screen it would be perfect!

  • danny

hey well i jus bought the t610 like a couple weeks ago and i love its, its the best phone i ever had, considering i dont buy phones i get them i had to really shop and research an stuff and the t610 came out on top to match with my budget and what i wanted in a phone,only probles is camera not all that and memory is almost non i like it though

  • Alex Bowe

The sony ericsson is by far the best phone ive had, ive owned it for about a 18month and nothing has gone wrong with it its still as good as new, if you compare it to other phones at the time it was launched in 2003 there was no other phones in its class with bluetooth and a infared port and the quality of sound it may not have the best camera but everything else is brilliant on this phone.

  • jen

i bought the sony erricson t610 a few months ago. it looks really nice and dainty and is a great looking 4one!!!!! has hardly any memory, the camera on it is bad!, but other than that its an ok mobile if your not thinkin of storing loads on it! in all theres much better mobiles on the market than the t610

  • Dr. W800

I had this phone for a long time before recently switching to a W800i. Must say the T610 is a really great phone but what always got on my nerves was the really slow key response and menu lock ups that unfortunately were too common.

  • gee

I love my sony T610 its great, i have had no faults with it. The one things i cant seem to get working is my EMAIL, n Photo sending i dunno what i done wrong so if anyway 1 can help thanks! bluetooth is great infrared is even better! I would recommend this phone to anyone, i have had it for a year! i dunno what other networks are like but im with O2 and they are very good! thanks x

  • T610

hi my name is Andrew i think you don t have to compare SonyEricsson T610 with Nokia 6101
Because it is a different class
Thanks !

  • Will J

t610 is a good it small and flashy and easy to use.the only downsides are probably that the display screen is hard to see in bright lights and i found the reception wasn't that good in crowded or shelterd places (orange network) - but i think it's the phone rather than the network.
the camera's ok 4 playing about with but it's not the best quality. Buy the t610 if you want to look stylish, cool and have somthing to show off, but if your looking for a serious camera phone look elsewhere.

  • clayton billion

it is a good phone but the Nokia 6101's camera is so much better. You'd be better off buying the Nokia 6101. I like the T610 becuase it's so small and compact.

  • Teddy

I just bought a Sony-Ericsson T610 and i seem to have a problem when i want to send pictures or images to my Computer. I have a MSI usb bluetooth at the computer and it works fine, i send to my nokia 6600 pictures, programs etc and all nokia phones that i have untill now had sent succsesfuly images, sounds etc to the computer but the Sony-Ericsson T610 din't. S.E T610 is sending via Bluetooth anything to any phone but it does not send to the cuomputer, why ? pls e-mail me if you know any command in his menu or anything else. In rest, the phone is excellent, i love it!!! Cheers P.S I'm from Romania so please excuse my if i made any whriting mistakes. Hats off for the T610

  • ay

i used a t610 once, its a great fone but the camera its way off the expected, and i notice that once you save a few pictures it tells you to delete some items but generally its a good fone

  • Anonymous

lolx... i dunno that there are ppl who are fans of nokia suckie flip phone... the design sux, feature is below the standard mobile for 2005. Dude, if you like flip phone, go for samsung, or u can go for SE Z800. Look, T610 is almost comparable to Nokia 6101 and the gap is 2 years?

  • ramon

it's a good phone but his camera isn't very sharp. the best phone is the Nokia 6101!!!!


This is the best phone of its time...i have the phone for almost two years is still surviving on the market up to has all the up to date features to keep it alive...when taking the phone i did have a choice of a nokia 7250i,samsungE700,Motorola V300,LG,where are those phones today....thank god i made the right choice....

  • JeRrYl

GREAT phone!!! am now using a borrowed T610 cos my stupid samsung X430 got sold off... i dropped it from the fourth floor to the first floor... and now its still working... -glows like a proud mom- althoh the camera is one of the worst in the market, it cannot be blamed as it was launched in middle 2003... so at that time, the camera quality was one of the best in its time... dont use this phone as a camera, if you want a real camera get a seperate one... too bad the memory is MISERABLE... but overall, GOOD GOOD EXCELLENT phone... for basic users who wants good connectivity functions... has bluetooth and infrared...
- happy 'owner' of T610-

  • dj_ashtray

@ hihi

I wouldn't be happier if this will proceed. Actually hihi, the action you're thinkin' would be great 'cos it'd be only not a commercial stuff. Hat off to you hihi, for your love to T610.
I'd like doin' the same but: 1)I,now, don't have a t610 :-(, I'm lookin' forward to get one new for a low price ;-).
2)I don't know nothig about mechanics, I like knowing for makin' my own improvements, It'd be great!!!!
And for all the ppl who say k750/w800 is better, they're right but you can't compare T610 with k750/w800 'cos they're newer and more expensive, so no point ih that...
T610 in the time was released was one of the best phone in the market. I accept I'm SE fan, but for being honestly k750/w800 doesn't have the best design that SE bring to us. And well, T610... aboutn design it's a very good style.