Sony Ericsson T630

Sony Ericsson T630

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  • sam

i very much like this phone but not not have card support.and it is vert sexy

  • hel

i have done drop test to this phone accidentally up to 1 meter height. the result is the phone still in one piece and doesnt effect any program inside the phone.
so my conclusion about this phone is it was very tough and robust. thats why i dont change to other model until now. i love this phone.. hehe.

  • Perry

i like this phone so much....d only thing is it cant support sad.but luckily it hav least i still can take some photo..thanks 2d designer

  • kiss

we thank u for what u do but y is it that

the bertry cant last long
and i need u,r help to make to no how i
can start sending mails and to add in my
own ring tons my phone no-256-75-887-048
kiss kampala uganda with -T630

  • gerb

im about to change me phone after 2 years :'(
I need to move my address book on to da computer. does anyone know how?


yesss the phone is superpowerful just like ME:D and is invvincible this is why it supermans choice of fones...........Goodbye from the man in the cape :P

  • chloe@_@

this is cool but i really don't know
ho to use "MY FRIENDS"...
and the instant messaging one...
Is it like the YM(yahoo messenger???)
just curious..

  • Anonymous

THe phoene's looks are kool but there are some shorcommings
the battery life is only 2 hours
and for searching a contact you can type only the first starting letter of that contact and rest you have to scroooooool down to get to the list if u r using the shrtcut contact list.......
the joystick stops workin after 1 year...
most of the time wen u send the messege u end up finding that it is saved in the unsent items..
the phones reception is equally bad toooo

  • adolf bayag

I love this pown!!!!

you shud lab it 2!!

  • Vijay Singh

I've this phone for more than 2 years now and after using it for such a long time, I have to say that this phone is awesome. However, it does give some problems which every Sony Erricsson phones shares the same problem - Joystick! The battery backup is very low as they are recimmending aroung 14h talk time. It's not more than 3 Hrs. Other than that, it is good enough! Thanks SE!

  • Anonymous

to be really honest this phone is if you want a phone just a phone nithing else not much things onit also does not have Mp3 files hope this has helped people stuck on weather 2 get this phone

  • Anonymous

I have the phone about 3 years in the the jail. i'm a prisoner and the phone is always in hard time when is time to hide it. for me it is the best phone and is still working heeei its ringing. so good phone.

  • hugo

my T630 turned 2 last november 2006.i really liked the features, however, as with other people who had the same model that i know, we share the common problem of JOYSTICK malfunction. now, my unit's keypad is starting to act up. guess SE joystick needs a major design modification

  • Anonymous

does this phone have video recorder

  • Anonymous

hello when the phone gets old i have herd that it brakes. from new how long does this take ? please answer asap thanks

  • Anonymous

no it does not support mp3 files

  • Avi

i have got this fone for the last 3 years.. all the credit goes to its looks..

  • netox

hi all
am about to buy this phone and would like to know whether its support MP3?
thks to let me know as soon as possible.

  • mango87

I've this phone for more than 2 years now and after using it for such a long time, I have to say that this phone is awesome. However, it does give some problems which every SE phones shares the same problem - Joystick! Other than that, it is good enough! Thanks SE!

  • vitor

I bought this phone three months ago. I still find it awsome. It has a great design even for todays standards. Before this phone i used a PDA from Newgen...i won't use a PDA so soon, i don't find them practical at need two hands to use them and they are huge (for me it is a good choice if choosing a PDA will allow you to let your portable computer at home...other way, i find them useless). The T630 is small, though it doesn't seem it is the size of the old Nokia 8210 (I still have one of museum piece).If you find the picture quality and the memory for programs on a mobile phone important you won't find this phone at all interesting.One other big disavantage of these phones are the joysticks...with time they usually star to work improperly (but that seems to be a problem with most of SE mobiles that have joystick, as they usually use the same type of joystick). It cost me 40 euros 3 months ago (2ºhand) there wasn't no mobile phone that price with the same features (though new).I decided to buy it because it has buethoot, infra-red, big screen and it is still a very small phone (for me the most important features on a phone) still needs to develope.My Digital camera still thakes better photographs, so i think that today the mobile phones still don't worth what they ask for them (cost) and they are getting bigger...not practical.When they become once more small and with 5.0 Mp camera, maybe then i'll buy one. The T630 i would give him five stars, its features are no longer fantastic and new but it is a very practical, small, basic, and still with great functional caracteristics.