Sony Ericsson T630

Sony Ericsson T630

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  • c10_ken

t630 really meet the demand for me,it has Bluetooth,640x480 camera shot,IrDA and a Liquid Black superb design.If you need some entertaiment like music,get a Bluetooth Handsfree MP3/FM player for a few hour of Mp3/mp4.AAC or FM Radio.Anyway these just my simple planning.t630 really a SE successful product and my dreaming handphone although the price is not expensive now.

  • Miss Butt

I want 2 know whether a fone call can b recorded in it?If the answer is yes plz tell me how is it recorded n from where i can remove this option
Waiting 4 ur reply

  • sian

hi, me again
urmm wats a damaged message and how do i lyk fix it?

  • sian

itz a really kool fone!!!its pretty as well as practical( part from NO speaker phone(wat is up with that????):).....the only problem ive ad wid it is that i keep gettin messages but only half of them....and i kant delete some of them cuz i need them 4 work y'no?so kan u plz make da sms memory bigger plz...just a thought :)

  • chris

I got this phone for 2 days...and i had a little trouble pressing the buttons because i am a former nokia user. this phone i would say great for its price. one thing i really dont like about this phone is.......NO speaker function!!

  • Anonymous

this phone is GREAT.

  • Edwin

hmm well i can say this phone is juz ok but motorola E365 is better. This phone the sound chords is power full but very soft and the joystick, because the covering problem, The dust go in and the joystick cant detact but overall is ok.

  • Captain Adjb

I brought this phone aboout 6 mongths ago, I brought it from a carphonewarehouse shop, and I wanted a flip phone but the shop lady told me that the t630 was alot better than the phone that I wanted. When I brought it I had no problems, only untill a few weeks ago the buttons on the left hand column was abit stuff. The camera is alright, it could be abit better. It is small, swipe it out your pocket with no problems. The only bad thing is (I am not sure if it happens with other people's) but I have to wait about 30 seconds before I can go onto the messages sign (when I turn the phone on). I would reccomend this phone to anyone, and alot of the networks work on it.

  • ice

I don't belive that talk time of 14 hours, i bet that is wrong.

  • Redwan

Dear All,
1st I would like to thank you for the magnificent products, and for the best service centre in (Abu Dhabi) UAE, however I had little problem with the phone as once the bottom no.2 got stuck but solved by the mentioned service centre, but after short time the Joystick has got stuck as not able to move lift which caused inconvenience (the same is reporting to me by some other friends who are dealing with the same T630 & K750.,hence please advice. what to do.????

Best regards,

  • Vedran

"mister" that who said about joystick
pls if you are saying that and if it is as you said than wite your e-mail..

but that's lie.. !!!

  • anonymous

html messed up on previous msg.

"anybody knows the system code to see how many hours the mobile had been used other than going by menu.?"

Right * Left Left * Left *

  • anonymous

Good phone. Biggest flaw is the 2mb memory. I have animated gifs that are 2mbs. Anything over the size of 100kb will lag the phone and sometimes cause it to restart.
Phone is easy to open and parts are cheap to replace. Converting black and white housing has become a hobby. But there are better phones out there, it was an amazing phone 2 years ago. Get k700, almost the same price nowadays.

  • satheesh

i have few pbms in this phone.
1. it is not showing the numbers stored in the SIM card.we have to g specifically go and see it.
is there any other solution?

one other thing is , the battery is low and lasts for 1 1/2 day only.

anybody knows the system code to see how many hours the mobile had been used other than going by menu.?
thanks in advance.

  • vinay sharma

I am using T630 last 7 months. While talking speaker sound is very low (Sometimes hard to hear anything). While ringing also bit lower sound. I could not find reason behind it as it is very unusual in comparision to T610 that I used once.

please suggest if it is a fault in my piece.
vinay sharma

  • Val

I have this phone for about 2 years already. Currently, I'm not using it.

I have some problems with it like 1. the joystick doesn't work right after several months of using it. When you hit down, it doesn't go down sometimes. 2. Something happened inside, one day when people were calling me up, all that came out was characters and numbers on the screen, not words.

Other than this, it's a nice phone. Small bugs. Basic phone and good enough if all you need is text and call.

  • Robin

Well the phone is good quality still but the camera is slightly crap and it sometimes freezes and theres always bad connection when you're taling.

  • Anonymous

great phone,i bought this phone almost 2 years,and doesnt have any problem with the phone.hehee

  • j

USB!?! i got a t630 and it sure as hell doesnt have a USB port.

  • cathy

I have T637 and is very great phone. The sounds and ringtones hear good...
the joystick is a little bad but is nothing