Sony Ericsson T630

Sony Ericsson T630

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  • iwan

how can i check if myphone used or not?

  • b

Does anyone know how to insert phone number from phonebook into sms message while writing it (not by sending vcard)?

  • bonky

hello nice to meet t630 users.i will like someone to help me out.i have locked all out going calls.when i tried to give it the password i gace it the first time but it proved says password error.i will like someone to help me out.its 4 days ago when i bought it.i need someone to help me out.

  • Mist

This phone is the best i have used, great design, perfect menu system , it is the best!!

  • mike

produces the best sound i had experienced ever!

  • Ryan

Hi all, I just bought this fone yesterday.
I tink it's a reasonable fone, value for money, since it's equipped with an ok camera, bluetooth, infrared. The games r fun to play with n they make great entertainment. Bad point is tt the fone cannot use recordings as its ringtones. It onli accepts polyphonic or midi ringtones. No MP3, radio. Do not buy if u r a heavy hp user n u have to be on the go at all tymes. But buy it onli if u r an average hp user, just satisfied tt a fone can be used to tk pix, dial nos n transfer files. XD

  • aatish

dj ems,
Don't buy this phone. get SE K700i instead. its a much better phone which will probably still be in you budget: 85-95 pay as you go (orange). chech out its specs on this website.

  • Engr. Adelere Aderoj

The phone is superb, i recommend it for all

  • funke abe

infact,the phone had been my dream phone.but if only you can tell me the price i will be grateful.i love the product and everything about T630.

  • raymond

this is a good using it...its more for normal use....

  • dj ems

hi guys,... m thinkin of buying this phone,... looks good,... has bluetooth and is within my budget range,... please give honest suggestions wether i shud go ahead n buy this one else suggest some alternatives. and it ll be nice if u mention the price in your country. thanx a tunn!

  • SaTy.ywd

I like the design very much, but the memory sucks!!! For less $$$ you buy a K500i with a better cam, mp3 player and more memory!!!
I am going to buy the K500i but it doesn't have bluetooth... But still i think the K500i is better...

  • adesola adegboyega

i love sony ericson phone it has the best ringing tone production

  • sunil

a good phone,it supports amr but cant set as ringtone

  • Kenny

good phone. Battery lasts 3 days with normal usage. Takes reasonable quality photos under good lighting. Reception is excellent. However, I think that the polytones is too soft. Otherwise, it's a great phone

  • Marcelo

I love it. This is my second SE and I'm not willing to chage at all. The phone it's great. Buy it!!!

  • Harshan

This is a good phone, dont worry buy it & you will be very happy

  • ivanma

the T630 version comes in black and white, runs on 900/1800/1900 Mhz GSM network.

T637 version comes only in black, and runs on the 850/1800/1900 Mhz GSM network.

Aside from the color choices and network variations, both are the same.

  • bex

i recon this phone luks lush, i want 2 buy 1 but i want the white version of it not the black version. i went on the web n the white 1 came on the screen but wen i went 2 but it the black 1 came on the screen, im a bit confused, so duz ne 1 no how i make sure i get the white 1 not the black 1 ? thanx

  • Anonymous

the battery is sucks.fool