Sony Ericsson T68i

Sony Ericsson T68i

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  • peter

Damn just bought the T68, crazy phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eyl

nice phon but nnnot much change from t68 and t68m

  • r p sharma

Price list requested.

  • talal

how match--price-----t68i

  • Moosa

Good Phone, But who on earth is willing to pay so much for something that would devalue by almost half in another 2 years time and also the technology will also be obsolete.

  • Karachi

Sonyericsson is always the best. Fisio looks like a Dutch woman

  • John

The answer to this phone is the philips fisio820, so take a good look at that phone because philips is the only direct concurrent of the ericsson.

  • mani

Dear sir,

I want to buy your Mobile phone so, can you please send me the complete rates of the Mobiles alongwith their Photos.
I shall be very thankful to you


  • Sunny Deekae

It is a worthy talking device,how can I obtain a set?.

  • Vincent

I want one!

  • Tomer Shklar

Super Cool Phone!!!! Nokia=PeaceOfCrap

  • kaori

yeah. great phone with the price is so lower than shit NOkia phones

  • donie

"Very Good" increase your technology and discover new technology !!!
Try to make High Technology with lower price.