Sony Ericsson T68i

Sony Ericsson T68i

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  • alechko

as much as i like sony ericsson, they could have done alot more with the t68i, mayy b add J2ME(java), more color screen.....all they did is changed the color, and software version.......... but still its the best in the market theres not even one phone to compare......who ever compares the t68i to the 7650 isn't very smart cuz those are each one is the complete opposite of the other, the 7650 is big and heavy like pda with lots of image handling like p800, the t68 is small and light phone with image handaling as well but not as good becouse of less color display and he has no camera buiilt in like the p800 or 7650...... and if u compare 7650 with p800 the sony ericsson is 2 or 3 times better.

  • peter

Damn just bought the T68, crazy phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eyl

nice phon but nnnot much change from t68 and t68m

  • r p sharma

Price list requested.

  • talal

how match--price-----t68i

  • Moosa

Good Phone, But who on earth is willing to pay so much for something that would devalue by almost half in another 2 years time and also the technology will also be obsolete.

  • Karachi

Sonyericsson is always the best. Fisio looks like a Dutch woman

  • John

The answer to this phone is the philips fisio820, so take a good look at that phone because philips is the only direct concurrent of the ericsson.

  • mani

Dear sir,

I want to buy your Mobile phone so, can you please send me the complete rates of the Mobiles alongwith their Photos.
I shall be very thankful to you


  • Sunny Deekae

It is a worthy talking device,how can I obtain a set?.

  • Vincent

I want one!

  • Tomer Shklar

Super Cool Phone!!!! Nokia=PeaceOfCrap

  • kaori

yeah. great phone with the price is so lower than shit NOkia phones

  • donie

"Very Good" increase your technology and discover new technology !!!
Try to make High Technology with lower price.