Sony Ericsson T68i

Sony Ericsson T68i

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  • Anonymous

NiSHAN, 26 Nov 2021This was amazing, ahead of the time. I had it. Still miss i... moreHad this phone. It was SO...DAMNED... LAGGY. Every button press resulted in a half-second delay to see any action.

The only thing it was good for at the time was as a data-connection to a Palm Pilot.

  • NiSHAN

This was amazing, ahead of the time. I had it. Still miss it very much.

  • Larry

This phone had an optional camera that connected into the port on the bottom.

The joystick on mine was a bit crap, but otherwise was a great phone and the beginning of my love affair with Sony phones.

  • CyberPinoy

Small and pocketable This is my fist phone, alot of memories with it.

  • zagor

My first phone...

  • Krima

Ajoy, 17 Sep 2017Dear Sony Team, I request you to Please relaunch this mode... morePlz relaunch this phone

To be honest (this is just MY personal preference), I prefer the T68m over the T68i.

  • Muikkuossi

Well, well. Broken Lumia 650 display and need to take one of my working old phones for a while in use. T68i works still and with the same original battery. Just for calls though, in emergency you can write some sms . That's all. What else you need ;-)

  • Ajoy

Dear Sony Team,
I request you to Please relaunch this model again with new technology atleast 3G with whatsapp, fb, twitter app etc. Its a very good phone & nice look.

  • Paul Malaysia

Bought a Panasonic A 100 in 2004. Go for vacation lost it , in emergencies situation I bought this phone 2002 SE T68i. My first colour phone . It great phone from that day onward, I in love SE phone. Today 2016 this phone still function only the center scrow button slightly problem ,

  • AnonD-545845 :) memories....I had it maybe for half year in 2005. I liked so much drawing on it.
Very nice and good phone

  • sam

i've been given two of this model by people because it's an old phone. I take candybar phone for specific usages, but this one have a really big problem :
the battery is at the bottom ten years after, where nokia or sagem could be powered on for few days, the t68i is limited to few minutes only!
by the way, the battery cames also bloated when i charged it. On my both models.

  • dao ming si

this is shancai's phone in meteor garden 2 hahaha ^-^

  • NNH

Almost 12 years old, original battery, still works. The battery lasts some 2-3 days now, but still better than the "smart"phones. The paint on the corners looks a bit worn off, but other than that, nothing to complain. One of the best phones of its day and still a good, extremely small backup phone for those who only need call and SMS functionality.

  • AnonD-196032

jim brown, 21 Aug 2013what an amazing phone I miss this phone. best phone of its era.Yeah right.... I agree!

  • AnonD-196032

I really love and miss thin phone I have it when I;m in high school way back in 2006.... Till now I still have it but it is already broken... I still keep it because it was my very first phone.... It mean a lot to me.. i like the features although it comes with a small screen but I'm lucky because with that I discover the WAP world... I rely miss the SMS alert tone. (toninonit) sounds like that... :-)

  • jim brown

what an amazing phone I miss this phone. best phone of its era.

  • mrswas

my first phone!
Amazing web browser!!

  • cute26

wow awesome phone...actually my 2nd fone...amazing file transfer via bluetooth and infrared...

  • @ntu

My first phone...