Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson T707

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  • Emmanuel

iam seeing this phone again and...its me or SE needs a new designer, all the models looks like the same :(

  • esraa

Woooooo It looks like woooooow
very good specs In clamshell phone
Keep It on SE

  • esh

its new wow!

  • Anonymous

i like it so much!!!!! it looks so nice!!! i wanna buy right away!!!

  • Anonymous

1st :P

  • Echo

I know what to get for my gfs birthday now

  • Emmanuel

Really good phone, it looks like the z750 new generation.

  • ET101

Actually wrong in spec T707, No flash.

  • sonyericssonuser

come on att carry this. you need a flip phone!! verizon dosn't carry sony and sony's rock!

  • Anonymous

omg i can't wait for it to hit singapore!!!
i wonder how much it'll be I love Clam phones!

  • quizzz

I like :)))))

  • Anonymous

a very chip looking phone. . and the design looked old. i feel sorry for SE

  • Anonymous

wow this phone has a Scratch-resistant surface and it has a video light and this phone has a led flash with 3.15 megapixels and this phone has MP3/ eAAC+/ WMA/ WMApro player / MPEG4/WMV/H.263 player and its memory stick has 16Gb and its internal memory has 100mb for a fliptop phone from sony ericsson this phone has many features compared to the other phones from sony ericsson

  • Tt

I know whit SE has work thank fa"

  • truth

2nd xDXDXD,well,i dont know,im probably not going to buy it...

  • tarzh

that is a superslim phone!!!!
thought that would be so expensive....

  • jay

simple and great design.. with nice specsheet..