Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson T707

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  • max

Macbeth, 21 Dec 2018I'm actually pretty interested in this phoneWhere can find this phone

I'm actually pretty interested in this phone

  • AnonD-716026

That's a cool keypad design

The phone I used from September 2010 - March 2012 after my Sony Ericsson C510 died...

I had this phone in 2009-2010 until it died for some reason during a school field trip...
Oh well, it was good while it lasted

  • king

Where can i find T707 LCD in the philppines?

Can somebody help me?

  • leo

UP UNtil last month my t707 was rec emails but now I get this error message using tls/ssl contact your email provider I have tried everything need help asap

  • J2ME User

I've got both the T707 and the W508 in my collection.

Of those two I prefer the T707.
The Menu button on the W508 feels unusable, you have to hit the menu button within millimeters in order to get it right.
Whilst the T707 have much more forgiving menu button.

Else it is mostly the Walkman buttons on the of the W508 that makes it a Walkman phone, the T707 isn't far behind as a mp3-player.

  • J2ME User

Paul, 14 Mar 2015Can you answering and ending calls by open/closing the flip... moreYES!
At least answering, I'm always pressing the End-call button of an habit as I am used to bar phones...

  • Paul

Can you answering and ending calls by open/closing the flip,
or only by using the keypad?

  • madin

I just got the phone but I can not see anything on the secondary screen. How do I switch it ok? Please can somebody help me out.

  • Anonymous

Good mobil

  • Skyetbc1997

Is there anyway of playing my music in a shuffle mode and also just to play music of a certain genre? I can do this on my little nokia 3710 but can't seem to find anywhere to do this on the T707. All I can see is that I can add certain tracks to a playlist or just play the music one after the other in the order that they come in (i.e alphabetical order)

If I could have done so I would have stuck with good ol Nokia ( I love Nokias) but sadly the only way I could have more memory card space with a flip phone was to buy a different brand. Hence me buying the T707


Network out of coverage

  • agusthin

how i can find it, i'm from indonesia

  • AnonD-97309

AnonD-97309, 06 Jan 2013I put in a Digel sim in Vanuatu but it reads '' Insert corr... morehow can I find a password to release the phone to work outside Australia?

  • AnonD-97309

I put in a Digel sim in Vanuatu but it reads '' Insert correct USIM or can you give me a password to release the phone to work in Vanuatu?

  • Cath

How do I save my pictures from the phone to a memory card.

  • Anonymous

Why i get comment login failed when i try to send picture from my phone

  • Anonymous

how do u remove the sim card form this phone