Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson T707

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  • Anonymous
  • ncW
  • 16 Oct 2012

Why i get comment login failed when i try to send picture from my phone

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    • Anonymous
    • t}B
    • 09 Oct 2012

    how do u remove the sim card form this phone

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      • AnonD-72746
      • ibf
      • 22 Sep 2012

      still available at market? wish to have it..

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        • lynn
        • IaW
        • 12 Sep 2012

        if i want to buy this model, is there still available at any store, cuz this phone old version one right??

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          • sampu
          • Px%
          • 21 Aug 2012

          i need a mobile ..... sony Ericsson plz help with ..
          which model is the best

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            • reed7
            • 0Uk
            • 18 Aug 2012

            from far best phone i ever had

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              • Anonymous
              • Sqv
              • 29 Jul 2012

              I have this phone and i love it but i made a big mistake.. i touched it with wet hands and the pink paper on the top started to go off, so dont ever touch it with wet hands

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                • Anonymous
                • j@u
                • 23 Jul 2012

                This was the best phone I ever owned. Extremely reliable, tough and easy to use.

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                  • jarrykunkun
                  • PSP
                  • 30 Jun 2012

                  is specially :)..

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                    • AnonD-60406
                    • vaQ
                    • 24 Jun 2012

                    chrissy, 15 Apr 2012where can i buy this phone here in the philippines even in ... moreI own one. This is a stylish phone but I planning to sell it because I want to experience using another phone.

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                      • chrissy
                      • t7B
                      • 15 Apr 2012

                      where can i buy this phone here in the philippines even in second hand.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 2@U
                        • 12 Mar 2012

                        Why is it when there's a text and if I don't see it, it's gonna disappear. Additional of, when I sent a text, it wouldn't appear on the "Sent Messages".

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                          • o.o
                          • pSr
                          • 10 Mar 2012

                          It's a very stylish phone and the light effects are charming.
                          The battery life is not outstanding, but can't really complain about it.
                          This phone isn't really made for texting. After typing a few lines, my fingers get all cramped because the buttons are really stiff.
                          If you're only interested in calling, I recommand you this phone, but else... don't buy it.

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                            • rabbit
                            • uHZ
                            • 04 Mar 2012

                            It has a very stiff keypad

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                              • mongoose
                              • vm$
                              • 17 Feb 2012

                              rontai, 18 May 2011Don't ever get this phone, T707 really sucks......You is unreasonable people like you that give consumers a bad name

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                                • salma
                                • fvV
                                • 30 Nov 2011

                                is it cool cause i want to buy it

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0wq
                                  • 21 Oct 2011

                                  This phone looks pretty and stylish, but the fancy lights and external display is literally USELESS outdoors. The gesture function chooses not to work sometimes. The screen could have been bigger, there's a lot of wasted space there. I failed to download anything using this phone the browser is pathetic. The keypad is stiff and typing long texts is a pain. The end button and the cancel button are so close together that when you want to cancel e.g some text, you press the wrong button and end up at the home screen. The sunlight legibility is poor compared to other snow ericsson phones. The ring volume is so low and I hate that you cant use a normal memory card with this phone. Do not buy it!

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                                    • AnonD-23928
                                    • f0G
                                    • 28 Sep 2011

                                    I have used the the phone and i so much enjoyed it but its unfortune that fell on ground and it had flex problem since,and all effort made to refix the flex have proved abortive.i shall be glad if you can help me in getting another flex and casing for the phone.

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                                      • Jack
                                      • YYg
                                      • 29 Aug 2011

                                      Does this phone require a special memory card? If so what type will fit?

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                                        • kugen
                                        • ibm
                                        • 01 Jul 2011

                                        AnonD-8777, 18 May 2011From other Forum/reviews/comments angel last few days m... moreyou must update your firmware