Sony Ericsson TM506

Sony Ericsson TM506

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  • Anonymous

nice phone and does this phone has a 3G?

  • jqa

Does anyone know why the screen shows up slowly?

  • soy anonima

Actually that's not true. In my other phones (Samsung T619, Sidekick 3) I received regular sized pics.

If a friend sent me a 240 x 320 pic, that's the size I received it in.

But now I receive the pics 120 x 60

IF anyone knows how to fix it, may you please tell me.

BTW it's true I can receive pics thru bluetooth but not everyone will always be within the maximum amt of feet.

AND I tried sending a pic from my email, but the same thing...I get them tiny.

  • H1

soy anonima, 05 Oct 2008Hey wanted to know how or what to change so I can get actual siz... moreMMS on any phone shrinks the pic size. If you want reg size pics, use e-mail, or bluetooth.

  • endlessz

what's the difference between this and Z780??
i'm sure the hardware are quite identical..just different looks?
is this only available from T-Mobile?

  • soy anonima

Hey wanted to know how or what to change so I can get actual sized pictures in MMS instead of really tiny.

  • ja

McWolf, 14 Sep 2008the battery end fast because of the GPS you have to close it: ... morei turn the GPS off already but the battery still ends fast.On the SE website it says the talk time up to 9 hours and standby up to 2 weeks but mine only up to 2 days for standby

  • ja

How come the screen shows up very slowly?

  • Anonymous

i love this phone! the 2.0 megapixel camera takes really clear pictures!its very sleek, and fast.

the only thing i dont like about it is that the exterior could have been more a bigger color screen, etc.
and also, the loudness of the speaker when ur talking on it-seems a little lower than most phones even with the volume all the way up.
if that doesnt bother you then go for it! its really nice!!

!!!and about all these other people saying it has a low battery lifetime... hello?? plug it in the charger! thats what your soppoused to do! atleast everyday. what did you expect? to use a phone for a whole week without having to charge it? c'mon people!

  • Anonymous

can we flash chinese rom into the phone

  • McWolf

the battery end fast because of the GPS
you have to close it:
go to GPS - settings - disable GPS.
and that's it.

  • cfrock

I had the tm506 for 3 days. I ended up returning it due to poor battery life. It would last 2 days with light use on 2G network. By light use I mean about 30-40 mins per day of talk and less than 5 texts. No music, BT or GPS use. Otherwise I liked the handset. The screen was quite nice.

  • gr?zz

I got this phone yesterday. IT IS AWESOME!!! It works perfectly fine. I had a k750i before, and its basically the perfect upgrade in a flip form. Only downside tho... no light... oh well =]. Next up... the XPERIA!!!

  • Anonymous

the phone dosent look bad

  • Zobi

I like!

I think i gonna buy. Maybe is not perfect but how bout this:



$159 with no contract

  • Anonymous

Battery life will be aroung 8-9 hours talk time

  • Anonymous

Nothing is more annoying than clueless posters that thrash phones with baseless comments.

1. This phone has a slick design - find me another flip phone by other brands that looks this good. And again, design is a matter of taste.

2. It's exclusive to T-Mobile and T-mobile commissioned SE to make this phone and price it low to mid-range so that they can reach a greater customer base. So don't expect flash specs. Not everyone needs or wants or can afford a Swiss-Army knife of a phone.

3. SE has been maligned of having remained stagnant. I don't see ground-breaking or earth-shattering efforts from other makers either.

  • megan

I've had a chance to play around with this phone and while it is not a pda nor extremely nice to look at; it really has alot going for it! This is probably one of the most well equipt handsets I've seen. It has an option to tag photos with gps. It also has a video editor in which you can add music, captions, and special effects. Its pretty impressive. Before you shoot it down, give it a chance, you'll be impressed.

  • Ewan

Same old style from SE... I am so tired with their design... haiz...! no innovations. SE must relace all R and D team. This phone will be a failure again...

  • awol

ordinary SE phone.. dont need it anymore