Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

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  • Nokia hater

Stephane , 24 Nov 2009I've a Satio and need Radio. Don't want X2 or X10 but Kurara is ... moreSatio has a Radio, doesn't it? And this, it haqs video call camera, I saw it in one of the Mobile- Review pics.

  • Anonymous

some 14 year old, 20 Nov 2009this is not the final design i can guarantee it. this is a very ... moreYeah definitely!! I actually thought the leaked version of the X2 has one of the ugliest designs but when it was officially announced I was like, WOW!! It looked really sexy and sleek!

  • Anonymous

I actually find the phone really stylish! Especially that shiny white part at the back!! Ablack one would look way sleek and sexy too!!

  • zzi8910

fugly 18910 wannabe
doesn't anyone else see the very close, but pathetic resemblance with i8910 design?

  • Stephane

I've a Satio and need Radio. Don't want X2 or X10 but Kurara is interesting (better VIDEO). Specifications are wrong I think. SD slot is available. But not front camera for videocall ? :-(

  • Anonymous

SE Kurara's gonna hype everyone,including me, jus hope this phone'll be released when my phone contract expires.

  • Anthony@Optus

Yeh Sony could have done a much better job with the design. I'd be expecting a sleeker, sharper look, instead of this overweight brick look theyve come up with. If your going to throw all these new features at us then at least package it in a phone that looks half decent.

  • a98davny

Looks great to me!

  • samsung and nokia su

guys, don't say this is a bad and ugly phone. She is a sister of satio.

  • AMDeeb

its something similar to P800 :P

  • Samsung and SE

I love SE very much but wtf is this??!! And they call Kurara sister of Satio!!! Satio is far more advanced then Kurara is! Did all of you know that is have SE W995 and I would sell him only fo Satio! And 8 megapixel with LED flash?! You disappointed me SE!

  • sebas argentina

i´m saw that KURARA.. its best sony ericson´s telephone movil!! the photo´s cammera its really good,excellent!

  • eve:-)

yeah! bring it on !!!

  • ...

this time you CAN say it looks like Omnia HD...
people said that Satio looks like viewty... wtf? just because of buttons? ><

  • Sikorsky

Graham, 18 Nov 2009Why are SE using outdated Symbian? One of their biggest mistakes... moreSymbian and outdated? You dont seemingly know anything about smartphones and op systems, little boy.

  • travis

so ugly..

  • Sony and Nokia FAN!

Sony will produce a better design, trust me! Sony is the best!

  • Anonymous

Nokia plays dirty.i hope everybody boycut symbian and face android,limo,windows.that got to teach them a thing or two.

  • Mobilemaster

some 14 year old, 20 Nov 2009this is not the final design i can guarantee it. this is a very ... moreCan you tell us more about the phone?
I have infos about the phone will be available on February! What do you think?

  • Anonymous

It's been about 150 votes. And I'd sent mine +/- 25 times (1,1,1) Hope this is helped. I mean this phone should be get helped.