Sony Ericsson W300

Sony Ericsson W300

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  • Anonymous

terrilble plastic stuff... oh oh oh, looks awful and boring and cheap

  • Anonymous

Please let the SE-engineers have a high-end walkmanclamshell as well in store for the near future!
One with 3 Mp camera and much more memory.
Then SE will have a hit-phone.

  • jay

i believe this is a good phone to use as not everyone can afford to buy megapixel cam phone right? this is just a middle range phone with nice design meant for those who like it nice and cheap. As for those high end phones like 800 and 790, i feel that they are all phones are that bad since SE has already made so many mistakes in the past, i'm sure they won't make any now :)

  • stimpson

Well this is a budget walkman phone after all... and they do include a 256MB memory stick which is rater. Not everyone needs wants of can afford a fully specced phone, if they do go for the K800

  • Amir

NO good camera Go up to 1.3MP !

  • Steven

I think this phone has a good design. When first reading the news at, I was thinking "Sucks. Monochrome external display? 65K internal color? 128x160 px resolution? VGA cam? What did SE engineers have in mind when they designed this phone??"

But after seeing the picture.. whow. Monochrome.. yes, but it's orange-cool anyway! 65K internal display with only 128x160 px, and VGA camera.. yes, but it has card slot!

24mm thickness?? (thicker than the w550i).. well.. OK, but it has USB 2.0!!

So I think these drawbacks are acceptable. Just hope that SE sets a good, affordable price for this baby.

In my opinion, this is not only a budget-walkman phone, but a better-budget-walkman phone. In some ways it outperforms the w550i. So I guess this phone is more "music" than w550i.

But that's only an oppinion anyway.
Sony Ericsson Rulez!! Walkman Rocks!!

  • Ammar

Not Bad.

  • undertaker

im sick of this phone when can i find it in stores?..............
i was waiting for it a long time........ must be a cheap phone cause it has vga camera
by the way is memory stick micro a new kind of card?...

  • x20a


I guess this is a budget walkman phone....
int.display only 65k...vga cam
Nowadays all phone got 262k and megapixel cam...

  • x20a

se 1st clamshell walkman series phone.
This phone got a card slot....

  • Muhammad Afzaal Shah

Second external mono display (101 x 80 pixels)---WHY it is ?