Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson W302

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  • Anonymous

i had this phone for 5 years ...actually it still working fine but the battery is dead i can only talk up to 10 minutes...then the battery is dead :P but it is really durable

  • Acyma

I have this phone for about 2yrs.. It looks really beautiful. It's solid, slim and very comfortable to hold and easily fit in your pocket. However, For a walkman phone the sound quality is not good, loudspeaker was BAD and earphone was average. Camera was quite descent for a 2mp in good light, but does not have flash. Display was clear and beautiful, but lacks pixel density. Very solid and shock proof, drop it many times since the first day, yet only scratches on its aluminium case. No software or hardware problems. Download many games from for free. The one I loved most-Need for speed:Undercover

  • Vladimir

I too a 4 months used and upgraded to Nokia Lumia 610

  • Diraja

pot, 11 Nov 2012can i ask about the games??.. can u give me asite where i c... moreyou can download a lot of java games at or
this is a nice phone anyway, great battery life and solid material.

  • pot

AnonD-68911, 30 Aug 2012Really great phone. I still use it. Got it for 3/4 years no... morecan i ask about the games??.. can u give me asite where i can down laod a working games for this unit (w302) please >..< thx

  • AnonD-68911

Really great phone. I still use it. Got it for 3/4 years now, and nothing went wrong with the phone itself. Had it fall for a couple of times actually too, ended up with just scratches hardly visible. It works like new. I never changed the battery. Great walkman future, even basic internet. The camera is its weak spot, but hey, it's got one! Only the earbuds have stopped working recently. But other than that, a really great phone. Most happy with it. =)

  • bucky

hey guys i need a help, i have locked my phone with code
but i cant remember the phone code
plz post anything that is helpful

  • aatif

really excellent phone, i use it since last 4 years.. i have changed the battory only one time...its really rocks...bohot superb mobile quality, and best acceceries ...

  • anton

seriously i have this phone since it came out. but up until now i do not have any problems with it. the physical attributes is good and very light. its as if you are not holding a phone. the battery? i haven't change it ever since. you need to know how to take care of your phone, even the battery.. if you're a mess, then completely you are. i do have themes and its good. you just have to explore the phone. do not be a bum up mind. if you can not enjoy your w302 now, how much more if you buy the more high end phone? i do have an high end phone now, but i am still using my w302...

  • tokay

vishal k , 21 Mar 2012guys do any one wr i ll get modem drivers for this set?????... morebuy bluetooth usb, only US$3,- n enjoy

  • trastgh

vishal k , 15 Mar 2012guys how is the music quality????is it vry good or just ok ... morei must the 3d gaming,the game display is very good.the video streaming online is really play a video clip without buffering

  • vishal k

guys do any one wr i ll get modem drivers for this set?????????????????i m unable to connect ma mbile to pc

  • AnonD-32657

the phone shape is pretty but the quality is bad law sound no security for keypad and the chines made is just bad the camera is good battery is too bad and the phone if i use it longer gets to be heat because of the battery

  • vishal k

guys how is the music quality????is it vry good or just ok or bad?????

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks big time...pathetic display.. no software up gradation, no themes,one slot for charging and headphone... really bad...

  • vicky suv

awsome phone ..rock strong ..using for the last 3yrs ..really cool look ...i didnt face any prob with the phone ...i dropped the phone thousand time use to toss it..
My track id still working...which is amaging for such an old phone....
Beside of poor external sound zoome no them support..
Low duration sound record ...i lov it ....
Its looks only compensete the pricing..

  • rayhan6611

been using it for 2 years+ and it has been good to me so far. only negative thing abt this set is audio other than that its a great package [and its cheap]

  • greekpiece

For a 2MP, it takes really good pictures eg. better than these of the more expensive Nokia 5130. But software is not good enough; It doesn't zoom/navigate in large pictures, it records only 30 seconds of sound, rarely, it can't play some mp3's, some animated gif are not very well shown and it doesn't open .txt .htm or other simple files. I confirm too some problems charging/handsfreeing, but by pressing the jack accordingly it's ok. Although most of my comments are negative, overall I like this phone. It could be better.:)

  • kwasi

Tim, 08 Dec 2011I'm sorry i didnt buy this phone a couple of years ago, it ... moreits very true......

  • Tim

I'm sorry i didnt buy this phone a couple of years ago, it has almost perfect look and feel, at least to me. It is small, lightweight, slim, with 2 mpx camera and memory card slot. unfortunately it is hard to find a phone like this these days, most are big and cumbersome, with many functions i find useless.