Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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DR Tushar India, 01 Jul 2020my best music phone...w595, w995 w555.. i hope sony come up... moreTrue , it's a beast! i own brand new : w995 and w595 ! Incredible great phones! I will never sell them!


How to buy this phone????

  • Jacky

I love this phone .....I used many other phones from different brands but this one is my all-time favorite .....I fell in love with this electronic beauty....

  • DR Tushar India

my best music phone...w595, w995 w555.. i hope sony come up with it again in 2020,,,,,walkman series.... in this covid 19 crisis and economic slow down, soothing music will remain in demand, and sony walkman should come up , to regain music glory, waiting eagerly and with positive has to be budget phone , like w555, w595, w 395 ......atleast 8 megapixel camera with dual flash Autofocus , no selfie, 16 / 32 gb internal storage, expandable 200 gb, 4 gb ram, dual stereo speaker,,,, with bass.... surround sound,,,, has to less than 10,000 indian rupee.....will be instant hit ,,,,,all the best SONY ....

  • Anonymous

Is this 3G phone or 2G

  • Sattaur

One of the best phone in 2008. I load over 200 games and over 100 apps in applications folder over 100 themes and 5000+ messages save at one time. With 2gb memory card and 40MB internal storage. Top class I say .still have the phone and still works it have some issues now .

  • 07

It's a great deal phone, where can I get it now?

  • Anonymous

mine still works but there's 3 issues that is apparent with this model...

keypad numberings start to fall off with age, battery cover unable to clip after several times beibg pryed open, too speaker and/or earpiece speaker stops working with age...

  • Techfares

I have it and it is not good but not bad.
Pros: Fun games and features, great camera, good video player
Cons: bad battery life,

Disclamer: all of these pros and considered are based off of my own experiences with this phone.

  • Ramana

Very good

  • Cheater

Cole , 19 Aug 2018Is it possible to buy this phone any where? I'm from South ... moreJust go for astore and enjoy!

Is it just me or does it feel like the slider is very stiff and needs a lot of force to slide up and down? Certainly it was not to this extent on other slider phones.

In the UK the Jungle Grey color was only available on 3 and the Ruby Black color was only available on Vodafone. Many of the ones in the Sandy Gold color were branded to O2.

  • Cole

Anonymous, 10 May 2015buy from aliexpress dudeIs it possible to buy this phone any where? I'm from South Africa

  • AnonD-716026

Avik, 24 Apr 2009Just press the walkman key and then flip ur wrist, the song... moreOkay, thanks!

  • AnonD-716026

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2008No it wont:/ thats the only thing that sucks in this phone.And all the others recently released.

  • AnonD-716026

bingston, 01 Mar 2011no its charging good....this mobile is one of the good prod... moreNo!!! *facepalm* it affects a few users but not all!

  • AnonD-716026

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2011Ive had this phone for 1year and 7mnths, and for the first ... moreDisassemble the phone, replace the key and reassemble the phone

  • AnonD-716026

AnonD-34440, 16 Dec 2011This is one of the best affordable music phones ever buily.... morebuilt* (it sounded like you said bully)

The W760 is STILL cheaper than the W595 in 2018! On eBay (the UK version), the cheapest W760 (unlocked) is £14.99 whilst the cheapest W595 (unlocked) is £24.99! (As of March 10, 2018)