Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Hick

This was one of the best phones before Sony Xperia smartphones!

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or is this phone the MOST underrated Sony Ericsson phone from the Walkman series EVER?

  • monu

u can buy refurbished original phone on ali expres

  • Anonymous

This phone has the best ringtones EVER!!!! Like Attitude, Buttercup, Friday Fun, Groove Ride, In My Place, Mohawk, New Wave, Old School, Rock On, Rollin', Speak Up, Speedish, Stutter, Tittup, U-Oh!

  • AnonD-549246

kalyan, 15 Mar 2016I want to buy this can i get?Try with Ebay!

  • kalyan

I want to buy this can i get?

  • NicePhone

That's great phone. Sound is awesome, I love that stereo system. Even better on earphones, great bass. The phone dropped into the water 3 times and it was still working. Now is dead after all these years. Don't know what is the problem. I love that phone and it would be great that sony release new version of w595 but with the latest technology and with Android :)

  • Albion

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2015i want to buy, how can i get it?Very good phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2015i want to buy, how can i get it?buy from aliexpress dude

  • Anonymous

i want to buy, how can i get it?

  • ferosr

i wanna buy this ....can i get it

  • W595

knox, 26 Apr 2014what do you mean coz i only see 23 mb,Uc

  • DG

how to change the panel

  • maen

I have this phone since 2009 and it is still working and the battery is good too im using it as love with it and I will never sell. My main phone is sony xperia p.

  • AnonD-329251

now where can i buy this. i can buy this model in sony showroom?

  • Anonymous

i was using this phone normally making calls and recieve suddenly after ihad fished a call i found this message on the screen ( no network coverage )at the time the not subjected to a fall or something like this

  • Bashar

I am facing a problem using with sony erricsson is:800,900,1900 GSM unlocked.. I was received this phone 5 days ago by a ordering to But unfortunately it is terreble to use this w595, every 30 minutes phone is becoming hang for couple of hours, stuck, does not move anywhere, I have to wait until the phone becomes in normal position. At this situation what can I do for solve this wrost situation. Could you help me to solve this problem? My e mail: Itwillbehighlyappreciate. you can help over the an e mail.
Thank you very much,
Ahmed H. Bashar.
Aug 17, 2014

  • techman

superb,,,superb,,,superb... i was using it from the day it was launched! dad has gifted me as it was my FY in college!...i had to change the "slider belt" only ONCE, then it became nice, it is dead, & useless, no one can repair it,,, but i still love it...

  • Anonymous

how can I fix the ???

  • rak

mac, 02 Jun 2014it is a good phone. but it gives problem with the slide str... moreyes ..i also have been using since 4 years i had to change the display strip 4 all is good with this phone.