Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Julio Burnik

xoxo, 05 Feb 2009question.. how will i set the view to portrait or landscape? thanks! from your media player go to setting, and there will be an option that says rotation, click on that and just set it on landscape/

  • Siddu

Its the best beacause it both features that is it has good camera and good sound,which only few phones have.

  • xoxo

question.. how will i set the view to portrait or landscape? thanks!

  • Yash chouhan

Hi,all se users,I am going 2 buy a new SE phone,I had K750,now I hav W660.any W595 user can tell me about its sound and camera quality.I love music,I love SE.I think it is d best phone.should I buy or not?or go 4 other phone. SE always Rocks......plz reply as quick

  • dames

last night, i noticed that the speaker at the bottom is louder than that at the top.. is it the same for you guys? coz im worried that the top speaker might have been damaged when it fell.

i connected it also to an external speaker and it like using a discman to play music

  • Bob

Javed, 04 Feb 2009From the second day of purchasing i am facing big problem relate... moreHi Javed,

Probably a manufacturing malfunction.
Best to return it to the store and ask for a new one.

Have mine for 4 months now and works perfectly!

Good luck!

  • Julio burnik

im compared my w595 to some cybershot phone that my friends uses. which has bigger internal memory. seems some games runs much smoother than mine. yet great sound quality, hopefully future walkman will have bigger internal memory. e,g i play prince of persia and soul of darkness in there phone. runs smoothly. but mine,. a bit slow. yet, i did get use to it.

  • jacob

i have one (w595) it is good. but it tends to lag a little, but inthe over virw it is grate awsome fratures and the games rock!!!!! by one from all phones the ar the best for all

  • Julio burnik

wow it worked. thanks for the advise, i fixed my view to landscape, and i didnt experience the reboot. issue. now whta my problem with phone since i got there are some games that i play. it responds slow. but to my friends k800i. games runs smoothly, is it because phone has low internal memory , or might get resolve in future firm ware?

  • hmm

coolcop, 04 Feb 2009Whats the security code of the phone lock system by default? How... moredefault security code is 1234, mine is active so just in case it got stolen. it wont be use at all.

  • Shahab

I've just bought the W595 in C.White. It is the best as ever any walkman phone would get.The latest of all the features.Great large 2.2" screen, extremely clear dual speakers, stereo widening, 2gb Card.
You just get in love with it. People critisize about the Camera, Well its a 3.2 mp and has great clear pictures at day and natural colours, But no one bothers to take pictures with a phone now adays, what are the Digital Cameras for

  • julio burnik

Javed, 04 Feb 2009From the second day of purchasing i am facing big problem relate... moreaw to bad. , screen got dmage internally. go back to point of purchase. they sould replace it rightaway.

  • Ziz93

Got my C905 for a month now except that the speaker just ran out of service

  • Javed

From the second day of purchasing i am facing big problem related to its display. while m pressing any key its display unit showing lots of colorful lines i.e its screen liquid spread and its remain for two three hrs. Even if i touch the screen some dark lines are coming which shows that its display unit is not working well.

i have never seen this kind of problem in another sony ericsson handset. So my experience is very bad for W595.

  • Anonymous

hi, for those who are using/used w595, can you pls tell me whether the keypad is durable? heard that the keypads for alot of the se phones are quite fragile.. thanks =p

  • coolcop

Whats the security code of the phone lock system by default? How could I change that security code? The guode book you supplied is not exhaustive to colsult in case of problem. Where can I get a complete guide information on phone operation regarding W595?

  • dames

if you want a better looking phone, go for w595 rather than w760

  • Tarun

Go for W595,
its stylish with slide feature, same 3mp camera as t700, and it has good sound clarity as it is from walkman series.

  • Julio burnik

devilbesideyou, 03 Feb 2009To prevent restarting while playing music, on media, set the ori... morehmmm ill try to do that. yeah unlike w910, w595 after long usage it reboots. ulyk to my old one. even your not using it its reboots

  • Anonymous

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