Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • jk

may I know how much this pone cost in malaysia? (AP and original)

  • huSsh

there ain't no secondary camera. come on se how do i enjoy your 3.2 when you dont have flash.
one thing more. auto-rotate isn't available.
any comments pls.
i own w810i.
i was suppose to buy 910i for xmas but moved it on summer.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me where to download the themes?

  • anne

does this phone auto shuts off? and how long does the battery stays on.. cuz i'm deciding if i'm going to buy w595 or nokia 7610 supernova.. thanks:D

  • Anonymous

W595 Lava Black dude, 21 Dec 2008regarding my prev post.. i am in metro manilaI dont think it is in that colour.I have got the dark blue and it is fine.This phone is hard to handle as the key pad is hard enough to resist.

  • gka3000

we have this mobile available in srilanka the design is almost the same as w580 , however i dont see much people buying it maybe the reason is the w580 (the phones earlier version) sufferd from terrible problems such as key pad cracks after using it for texting and gives instant signal drop downs . most of the customers who brought the w580 got real upset . i saw in some review i found through the google the review writer have mentioned that this phone is suffering from the same key pad cracking problem just like the previous w580 version and that sony ericsson havent fixed it yet . anyone got any ideas about this ? other than that the phone is awsome i love the looks of it and the fast s.e. firmware mostly .

  • julio burnik

lava black. actually thats what im looking for.. but apparently they dont have it on stock.. i have the jungle grey.. but cosmo white is far bettery than the grey... mixture of shiny white and red

  • JewelGal

I am going to get this phone next week!!! Yipee!! Cosmo white... here I come!!!

  • 5Nw

I have brought this W595 for one week. overall it is great phone(design, function)However, sometimes it will shut off automatically while I am playing game or taking picture.Does anyone face the same problem? How can I solve this problem?Thanks

  • W595 Lava Black dude

regarding my prev post.. i am in metro manila



IM JUST ASKING IF YOU KNOW A PLACE TO BUY W595 Lava Black. Im sick of asking every store i saw..

or is there already such colour?? HELP.. i really wanna buy this fone but sick i dont want cosmo white ang jungle far that is the only color i have seen. damn..

  • Mukesh

Well... The keypads are very hard to press and motion do i activate ??? Apart from that contact fields are very that too for indian street names ...fields are really short

  • Manny

mladen, 20 Dec 2008can anybody tell me does this phone suports gaming like on the w... moreYes it does like the Motion-sensor Need for speed Pro street game works on the w595

  • mladen

can anybody tell me does this phone suports gaming like on the w760,i know that this one doesent have gaming keys

  • Anonymous

My w595 change equilizer setting after plug or unplug its headphone, have its any problem?

  • Anonymous

jc2488, 20 Dec 2008HI can someone please help me i want to buy the w595. I live in ... moreTheyre both the same id go for the cheaper 1 the w595 cuz there is no point paying extra money for a w595a

  • jc2488

HI can someone please help me i want to buy the w595. I live in America the w595a is $299.99 and up, but the w595 is $210.00 if i buy the w595 to use in America will it hurt my phones reception, call quality or any other feature that the w595a may have better for America

  • Anonymous

i love u sony. u r

  • sunny

hi friends! i recently bought w595! much awaited of walk man series ! very elegant in its styling, high on music clarity camera is OK as it is without flash but clicks beautiful in light. much cheaper than other versions of mobile. display and graphics r much ahead of any mobile.very responsive with its handshake experiment. i gave it 8 out of 10.

  • Rahul

lady in pink, 20 Dec 2008will any1 tell me w/c fon is better, w595 or w910i... i'm confus... moreif u want to choose between w595 or w910
go for w595 bcz its latest , as well as camera $ sound is much better than w910 . bcz , you r getting more feature in same range with latest handset .

w595 is really gud handset