Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Anonymous

s vas, 06 Oct 2010used for abt 1.5 yrs... havin prob lik phone s dead or receiver ... moreI suggest u must buy c905 or hazel..

  • wonga

this is a number one recommended mobile phone

  • ach

ts a grt phne...sounds are quality ......only thng is ...derez nt a flash.....

  • Vikash sonu fbg

Hema tumne ek bahot acha phon kaharidne me meri sahayta ki. W595 kharidne ke baad mujhe bahot khusi hui aur iske sare feature kamal ke hai . Sound ka to kahne hi kya. Mere paas koi phone itne samay tak raha to wo sirf yahi hai. Iske liye hema ka main sukragujar hu.

  • s vas

used for abt 1.5 yrs... havin prob lik phone s dead or receiver not plannin to change mob... so 12k s my budget .. good features in musiq n camera wanted... any suggestions in sony itself?

  • naitsirc

i hve a big problem wid my phne .. the sharp(#) key doesnt work well. how can i fixed it?.. somebody help. bcos .. i find it hard in txting..

reply please
as soon as possible

  • nivek

The fon is great, but u must take care of it so that i gives u good service.

  • meizer

got a good experience...its been more than a year with this cell...and don have any trouble and haven bothered by it to take for any maintanance or repairin purpose..had fallen several time...even while i was drivin a bike...i was keepin it in my helmet...and it fall off the sm scratches on it but didn showed any problem.......m luvin it....

  • Anonymous

i love my SE W595!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

normal use...

  • peet

i have w595, my experiense with this phone is so bad. the phone is always ready for going to service centre every month some time twice a month. now my phone is on sony service centre from last 2 months and fasing the problem of motherboard, this is so bad phone plzzzzzzz dont buy it.


fahad, 30 Sep 2010i am using w595 for past 15 months, never had problem, but yeste... moreSame problem was found in my phone and i have to update my software. It have around 300rupees.

  • akhil

there is no disply. all the functions are going on . what to do? can it be repaired

  • Kyaw Min Naung

My Phone(W595)is While the charged he show 'You can't charged You must be change use sony ericsson battery'.But I use Original sony ericsson Battery.That why?
Please send me this answer

  • fahad

i am using w595 for past 15 months, never had problem, but yesterday when i placed it for charging, after several minutes phone lights were on with warning tick tick sound and message was appering every now and then "serious error stop using your phone and contact sony ericsson call centre" none button or function was working..
what the problem and what to do ?

  • nambia

loooosaah fone..a complete loosah.. i mean i soo hate dis fone it in may...within 1 month went to the service centre...the fone was having prolemos in chargin da usb thingie..and every fishin thing...anyhow came bak frm d service cenre. . they cunt fix it... had ma xams so cunt go bak...went afta a month... they said its gooot liquid damage,.. fish! dude..i paid 9000 bucks for that silly smalll fone..what d'u expect from a fone costing that much...loosah// sony...dude u've lost all ma trust...dun buy it guys... gawd help yea if ya do buy this fone...n for those whu're havin it already chuck it outta ur hands ppeepss..its a loosah fone..
adios amigos.. ciao

  • Anonymous

no problems for me too,i guess i took care of it very well.the speaker is great,and the headset that comes with it is excellent,fast internet due to hsdpa,and the battery last long.however,does anyone knows how to make the message alert longer?

  • Anonymous

i have been using this phone for half a year...but i cant encounter any problem!!!maybe it"s just how to take care of your phone...

  • afnan

i have this since a month ...and i have no prblm with it its a great and your enjoyment ..but it is senstive one

  • Anonymous

It seems this phone has one small issue. The connection is poor and often disconnects me,once it disconnects then it takes a few minutes to re-connect. This is especially evident when using your phone as a modem.does anybody know if this is because of the vodafone software or is there another setting to help it from disconnecting the whole time? But no other problems though.