Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • bebe

This is my phone right now. Mine is the peachy pink one. So cool!

  • ff

is this triband? or quad band? for example you buy phone i us, you can use it in other country?

  • Mejah

Its a good phone i luv it best slide i have eva used


sounds really really cool wish i could get it :(

  • Coco

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2009You just need to plug it in. It uses the phone's power. It also... moreCool man!! Gotta check that out...thanks!

  • Anonymous

Sony is d best an W595 is betta dan all dem other nokia phone


for better perform for vedio call function front camera port is must for face to face vedio call.

  • SE philippines

Is it possible to alter the length of the message alert tone? I thought that I will not have this issue w/ this phone..I really want to have complete mp3 msg tone.Pls help...tnx

  • Anonymous

Coco, 13 Aug 2009Do you need batteries for the speakers ? Or do you just plug it ... moreYou just need to plug it in. It uses the phone's power.
It also has a built in radio antenna.
Features: * Fast port connector, * Neodymium speakers, * Powered from the phone

  • Coco

Bloodlust, 12 Aug 2009I just bought an accessory for this phone. The SE MPS-30 and it... moreDo you need batteries for the speakers ? Or do you just plug it in and use the battery of the phone? im planning on getting one as the one I am using requires batteries. thanks

  • Coco


have you noticed your screen resolution brightness level changes depending on the brightness level your in? Go check it out when your under bright light the level goes up and at night it dims on its own. There is a light sensor on the upper left hand corner of your front panel. Awesome!

  • Rohit

Great phone. Recently i use so many nokia phones but no one compare to this in sound . Its clearer and touch you completely.

  • Bloodlust

I just bought an accessory for this phone. The SE MPS-30
and it really produces good quality and louder sound.

  • Tim

This phone is the best phone i have ever used, better sound quality, awesome stylish good looking phone... better camera, better battery life, better talk time, better color display... overall this phone is awesome!

  • Coco

Archneme, 10 Aug 2009Ive had this phone for 8 months now and its a really great phone... moreHi archneme,

I just want to know how your slide mechanism is doing? Is it still solid as before or is it a bit wobbly or loose? Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • cell phone freak

well i am looking at it . it sounds so cool but sony ericsson should have put some wifi since it already has so many features but it is still cool

  • Maurya

Sony Ericsson W595 is excellent mobile and rich look and good camera quality and music sound system

  • Coco

This phone is just awesome. Got it a week ago and i am very pleased with it. Below is my feedback:


-Superb and crisp sound quality with dual speakers on both ends of phone.
- Nice 2.2 screen resolution
-Slide mechanism is not wobbly at all.
- No lag in Walkman when loading songs.
-Sturdy keypad with solid back (not like the W580)

Cons: (More of convenience complaints)
- No shortcut to lock keypad not unless you turn on AUTOLOCK. When slider is closed, there is no way for you to lock it without having to open the slide mechanism all over again.
- No shortcut to change PROFILE in POWER button like other SE models.

This is an excellent phone for the Walkman series if you are on a budget. With excellent sound quality, 2GB memory card and 3.15 MP camera, you cannot go wrong with this phone.

  • i love indonesia

I dont know why,
The output soundspeaker is not good,the trible too low n i think still not loud enough..
Beside it has stereo surroundsound but myk800 far better than this
i swear even though with other K series still loses
Strange one
to use equalizer must be conect a portable handsfree or accesory loudspeaker can't setting via loudspeaker..
very annoying for walkman with the hi-price

But the design is very good
i like

  • Archneme

Ive had this phone for 8 months now and its a really great phone, the only problem ive had with it so far is that it will seldomly turn/switch itself off but comes back on within 20 seconds or so, this phone is very durable ive dropped it more times than i care to mention and it still has not cut out from being dropped and nothing has been broken yet. The phone can at times process anything at a slow speed but thats only happened to me twice, but apart from that everything in the phone that i have works :). So from my own experience i recomend this phone it really is a great phone, and yes the back cover is quite thin but very durable too :D