Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Anonymous

This phone just gives you problems after a few moths....

  • Ashvin

Hi ! HAHAHAHA . I agree tht nokia is better no offence D: Butt. I LOVE SONY ERRISON W595 AND W910I ommmg. My dad actually say only nokia can cos all the charges in the hse must be the same de. But i persuaded him.. I even got voucher and . I wooo hoo. Got it baby. Actually gonnaaaa get it today deee. I mean tomorrow. ON A SATURDAY BABYYY ! :] i love you all deee ;D

  • Anonymous

when will it be released in england??

  • Anonymous

is it a user compatible phone?

  • Anonymous

does it has wifi?

  • Anonymous

Hein sa portab la mari zot tou sa!!!!!!!

  • chowdary

Schalk, 21 Jul 2009Can this phone be used as a mp3 without the sim card . When I ta... moreyes we can listen songs with out sim card . you should select the option flight mode then we can acess all the functions except calls. if options are not comig at the time of starting the phone do this one go to the settings and scroll it up to flight mode and click on that one two options will come dont show and show at start up select the second option which is show at startup then again switch of and awitch on the phone .....

  • mp3 as message alert

Can i customize my message alert to mp3?

Thanks and regards!

  • shazz

does this phone have a videoplayer? can this phine play downloaded videos?

  • Anonymous

this is great mobile phone, best I ever had. the battery last for 6 to 7 days whit normal using, sound is perfect, very simple and great looking. best in price

  • Anonymous

I downloaded and transfered some .thm files to my w595.In the website it was mentioned that the .thm theme which i downloaded had a flash menu,but in the main menu layout the theme option is unable to plz help me guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thirdie

my dream phone ! :)

  • gka3000

Dhruba Wagle, 19 Jul 2009i have been using this phone from last 4 months but now i got th... morei hope this mobile really is the successor of the w580 which gave a whole lot of trouble to its customers and its the most returned mobile product for all this time since it was released . i heard some of u still got the same signal dropping and restarting crashing problems with this mobile just like the w580 . what about the keypad cracking problem is it still happening in this model like in w580 ? :-)

  • Schalk

Can this phone be used as a mp3 without the sim card . When I take the sim card out the phone only ask for emergancy numbers .

  • Bob

Hi all hope u guys are doing good... Can u pls help me out like how to Hide and Lock Folder in w595 bcos i cannot find any jar files apart from that no files are supporting... So kindly send me the link or help me out like where to get the software...

Thank you....

  • Anonymous

Dhruba Wagle, 19 Jul 2009i have been using this phone from last 4 months but now i got th... morekindly go to the service center and tell them to relode the s/w.

  • Niket Shrivastava

Its a nice phone with wonderfull sound quality looks r great. the only problem is it goes to standby while you r listening songs for more than 15 min untouched.

  • Anonymous

Venkat, 19 Jul 2009Hi evrybdy, pls help me I bought w595 before two weeks. its roc... moreHello.. U can go to any authorised service centre and they will scan the bar code behind the battery of your cell phone. U can request them to check ur phone even if have lost the warentty and they might do so and thus u can get ur cell repaired with no bucks rolling out of ur pocket.

  • Dhruba Wagle

i have been using this phone from last 4 months but now i got the proble most time it hangs when i opened this some software are deleted it self.tody the games and application all programe has deleted.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2009is there pink color available for w595? i want to buy if there is.there is one