Sony Ericsson W610

Sony Ericsson W610

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  • Sam-Sam
  • TXd
  • 06 Feb 2007

Looking at the specs of this phone, i'd say its pretty close to W880i EXCEPT for no 3G and the design and size isnt as sexy as the ultraslim W880i.... I reckon this is a "budget" phone for those with not so deep wallets!

There's nothong really that stands out about this phone for me personally, as i've had the W800i and now got the W850i. I think SE are just reinventing the wheel here...?

But if SE really wanted to spice up the Walkman range, maybe this model with all its features AND MORE in a Clamshell (flip phone) would be the one to do just that?..

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    • legimin siregar
    • in@
    • 06 Feb 2007

    another version of w700 product, nice but nothing special.

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      • Prasanna
      • 2S%
      • 06 Feb 2007

      Specification wise it looke Awesome as well as sleek . Eagerly waiting to see the real performance

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        • PTm
        • 06 Feb 2007

        the b'ful thing(W610)looks amazing..i think this would be a very complete WALKMAN PHONE...nice shape,not at all thick..i m expecting a lot from this phone..
        also i would request the AWESOME team at "GSMarena" to kindly tell about the 'loudspeaker capability' of W610 when so ever you review it,as you tell about every walkman phone you review...i m v eagerly waiting.
        ALL DA BEST to GSMarena.

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          • Satya
          • 2S{
          • 06 Feb 2007

          Dear Sony Ericsson,

          Kindly understand clearely that unless you do not bring 3G and Radio together ; neither W610 nor W880 will gonna get success. See N70 which is EDGE, 3G and Radio enabled. Are you blind or something ? Apart from the features missing qualities your phones are still very costly....what is this ?

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            • Anonymous
            • vjX
            • 06 Feb 2007