Sony Ericsson W610

Sony Ericsson W610

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i bought this phone just in may, the phone does contain 77MB of internal memory, the sound is much better than k550 and k790, it is still one of my favorite phones, it will always be the best phone in my life!.

Big Powerful w610 the best phone (^.^)

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    • txE
    • 19 Jun 2022

    Catherine the Great, 12 Sep 2018Does this really have 64MB of storage? For a phone like thi... moreYes, it did.
    I owned this phone and the internal memory was really 64MB (K550 had 77MB, it was similar to W610 with facelifts in my opinion). Maybe due to their 176×220 pixels LCD and no 3G support so the software didn't need so much storage like the QVGA-3G phones did (?)

      Macbeth, 28 Dec 2018Why do I feel like I recognise this phone?I know this phone appears in the game Cry of Fear and is used by Simon for the majority of the game.

        Why do I feel like I recognise this phone?

          Does this really have 64MB of storage? For a phone like this, I'd expect about 15MB not 64MB.

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            • Dont look at my name
            • LC8
            • 04 Oct 2017

            One of the best devices I ever had, music sounded great (that the puspose of the phone), good battery that lasted more than a day, great games all of them where really entertaining, smooth camera that capture great picture with a good resolution and it had a cool design though

              The best from SE

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                • AnonD-516520
                • qKM
                • 19 Mar 2016

                I lost that phone in 2008, there is a game of pogo jumping man escape installed. As long as you have the phone could you please tell the name of that game ?

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                  • bJX
                  • 06 Mar 2016

                  My W610i still can boot but not functionality ( i bought it at 2007 March )

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                    • jess
                    • 7Xe
                    • 03 Oct 2015

                    got this phone 7 yrs ago and still working .. ahm .. still prefer for this than android

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                      • emad
                      • B}s
                      • 02 Aug 2015

                      my first phone. it was 6 years ago i think
                      i had it for 2 years. always in my heart. long live the w610

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                        • Mannie
                        • 0Fd
                        • 14 Jun 2015

                        Finally thinking of upgrading from the great W610. Am looking to get the smallest smartphone I can with a good audio output. It is safe to assume all modern phones will have better DAC / audio than the old W610?

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                          • 2Tn
                          • 22 Dec 2014

                          I had this phone for over 3 years. Still my favourite

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                            • natali
                            • sr3
                            • 27 Aug 2014

                            This was my first phone and I absolutely loved everything about it, but few years ago I borrowed it to my brother and he lost it :/ I was so sad because it's the best phone ever..

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                              • getrekt
                              • 2Tp
                              • 25 Aug 2014

                              The best phone I even owned. Had it for nearly 4 years, and not a day goes by where I don't wish I have it.

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                                • GUS
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                                • 26 May 2014

                                I have this phone for almost 8 years! is the best phone ever, i downloaded to it 48 games, i used like remote control for my pc, i took many great pictures with it, is not good-looking anymore since i dropped several, but the phone is still working like the first day i got it, love my "anaranjado" (orange), and i don't know when i will stop using it,

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                                  • TheTechReviewers33
                                  • nQD
                                  • 28 Dec 2013

                                  Proberly the best phone i've ever owned, of cause not when you look on the specs, but it were amazing for the age.

                                  Could do anything i wanted it to, Speaker were decent and the batt lasted long :)
                                  I miss it

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                                    • Tu Solus
                                    • y$a
                                    • 29 May 2013

                                    just got a new one of this in indonesia, its an old stock of soner store.. just handset, handsfree, charger.. satisfied because all are original. tx guys for the info about this fon.

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                                      • pk
                                      • w49
                                      • 24 May 2013

                                      the best phone of the keypad era.. had it for more than 5 years.. unfortunately lost it :(