Sony Ericsson W610

Sony Ericsson W610

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Macbeth, 28 Dec 2018Why do I feel like I recognise this phone?I know this phone appears in the game Cry of Fear and is used by Simon for the majority of the game.

Why do I feel like I recognise this phone?

Does this really have 64MB of storage? For a phone like this, I'd expect about 15MB not 64MB.

  • Dont look at my name

One of the best devices I ever had, music sounded great (that the puspose of the phone), good battery that lasted more than a day, great games all of them where really entertaining, smooth camera that capture great picture with a good resolution and it had a cool design though

The best from SE

  • AnonD-516520

I lost that phone in 2008, there is a game of pogo jumping man escape installed. As long as you have the phone could you please tell the name of that game ?

  • Anonymous
My W610i still can boot but not functionality ( i bought it at 2007 March )

  • jess

got this phone 7 yrs ago and still working .. ahm .. still prefer for this than android

  • emad

my first phone. it was 6 years ago i think
i had it for 2 years. always in my heart. long live the w610

  • Mannie

Finally thinking of upgrading from the great W610. Am looking to get the smallest smartphone I can with a good audio output. It is safe to assume all modern phones will have better DAC / audio than the old W610?

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for over 3 years. Still my favourite

  • natali

This was my first phone and I absolutely loved everything about it, but few years ago I borrowed it to my brother and he lost it :/ I was so sad because it's the best phone ever..

  • getrekt

The best phone I even owned. Had it for nearly 4 years, and not a day goes by where I don't wish I have it.

  • GUS

I have this phone for almost 8 years! is the best phone ever, i downloaded to it 48 games, i used like remote control for my pc, i took many great pictures with it, is not good-looking anymore since i dropped several, but the phone is still working like the first day i got it, love my "anaranjado" (orange), and i don't know when i will stop using it,

  • TheTechReviewers33

Proberly the best phone i've ever owned, of cause not when you look on the specs, but it were amazing for the age.

Could do anything i wanted it to, Speaker were decent and the batt lasted long :)
I miss it

  • Tu Solus

just got a new one of this in indonesia, its an old stock of soner store.. just handset, handsfree, charger.. satisfied because all are original. tx guys for the info about this fon.

  • pk

the best phone of the keypad era.. had it for more than 5 years.. unfortunately lost it :(

  • AnonD-129806

Really miss all these type of phones..The candybar real buttons,nice small,good battery ,,proper shutter button,looks gorgeous..Really hate todays boring full touchscreen souless slabs i hop things go full circle and these phones return.

  • hparra

the best movil in mi life, big moments, big remembers, excellent