Sony Ericsson W610

Sony Ericsson W610

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  • dinos

this mobile is the next generation phonemobility tool will guide you through the ocean of electowave clouds and get you everything you need

  • mohan

even i used it for 3years, really an awesome phone & the 2MP camera of this phone is still tough for 3.2MP samsung rocks

  • Alec

I've had this phone for aprox 6/7 years and it's never given me a moment of trouble, I have no intention of (at the moment) ever changing it for another.
It does everything I want a phone to do, and more!

  • rahul

4yrs now i'm using it most of it 4 2g gprs ...great serve 4 me...every now and then new phn launch..can't decide which r good 4 ..2g gprs..h've idea must share.

  • millan

i think this phone has the best keypad and it is 99percent excellent.this phone is one of the experience sony ericsson phone

  • fabiro

i have been using this phone about 3years now and i think this phone is excellent so i like this phone very much.But now my w610i is old,so i want to change my housing,but i don't get some of the housing in how will i get some of w610i housing in Ghana.And also w610i is common in Ghana. please do something

  • sakthi

its my faverate mobile.

  • Kayra

jayanta dutta, 12 Jun 2012i hav a w610i phone , but the cashing (frame ) of my cel is... morefrom

  • Jon

Last 4 years i having this phone, nice, worth for money.
oofcourse if u plan less money u invest then this is the best phone.So far no problem at all. nice sound/ pics/videos.


i have w 610 sony hand set need to me

  • jayanta dutta

i hav a w610i phone , but the cashing (frame ) of my cel is broken. How can i buy a new cashing (frame)? .is it available in assam,india ?

  • chuchi

anubis, 05 Feb 2012i have owned this phone for about 3 to 4 years prob the bes... moreI use this phone since oct 2007...leds are so useful, and cam take cool pictures on day.
Music sounds great! The best phone I know.
This week the camera cannot initialize so...goodbye.
Maybe I buy xperia neo V

  • Adaio

I had that phone for about half a year and sadly EROM damaged and i had to change the phone.. However i really enjoyed using that phone but buttons were too small and long typing was painful.

  • anubis

i have owned this phone for about 3 to 4 years prob the best phone i have had,small and lite does every thing and amazing how much i use the torch

  • AnonD-39753

This Is The Excellent and Coolest Phone In The World!!!!

  • Onufri

alpha, 10 Dec 2011very bad keys. Not suitable for texting.At first yes, but soon you will get used to them.

  • alpha

very bad keys. Not suitable for texting.

  • ronnie m.

have being using this for the pastfour years. excellent. dont want to buy any other brand. but facing problem for parts like original battery and outer casing which is cracked. can my problem be solved. thnx

  • lavender

Can tis phone use watsapp?tq

  • CodeManiac

Excellent phone. I still have it for 3 years. And still it's excellent. I evaluate this phone as backwards compatible because of infrared.