Sony Ericsson W610

Sony Ericsson W610

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  • Anonymous

Very solid phone, I've had it almost four years now and only has some minor complications. Battery is still really good. Headphone attachment is no so great, you have to be really carefull not to break it.

  • AnonD-4340

good fone, problem seems to be batteries degrading more than im used to from other fones, mine is only good for around 2 days very light usage (its not my main fone ofcors). low resolution LCD is a problem for many java apps, and no 3G, so all in all i say k810i is the best one if you are buying a used reliable fone that can do "everything".

  • prosen.pukai

i love this phone.i have it over 3 years.till now it is rock.really good support of java. i got lots of jar application from net and enjoyed lot.head phone sound like ipad.

  • Losmi

I have it fot 3.5 years and it stil works, but it needs new batery and its full of dust...

  • aswiin

i love this phone... Using this mobile for the past 4 years.. I did all the damage to this but still working.. still i dont wanna change this one

  • milan

really good supportor of java. i got lots of jar application on net and enjoyed lot. and great battery backup.

  • dear!

i broke my SE W610i, i donno it is the battery or the charger problems... so if i want to replace the battery what other battery suitable for this phone beside the BST33??? i love this phone so dont want this one to be waste..

  • raj

3 years of ABUSE.....this phone took it all and still performed awesome.

Hats off!

  • Anonymous

this is a very good phone.. the best phone which I ever had

  • f4thoel

i like soner w610i . . . and i don't want to sell it , , cz it's better than other one . . . hahahaha

  • Anonymous

i miss this my phone,
this is the best phone i've ever had, before my young brother lost it in 2009, then I buy the w508 one, but this one can't change my w610i...
Now i'll buy it in new condition, but, in indonesia at 2011, where the hell i can find it!?
Someone please i need your help
and i tell ya, this phone is LEGEND!
No doubt bout it!

  • betoncio

Had it for over 3 years and still loving it.

  • Anonymous

This was the best phone i ever i had in my life. Now all i want is a sony ericsson phone, and thats why i got the new xperia x10 because it reminds me alot of the w610i.

  • Mafeez

1 of d best sony ericsson phone in town.

  • Anssaz

One of the best handset of SE........W610
SE Rock

  • Music lover

I am bigfan of sony ericsson w610i. I really need this mobile. can anyone suggest me a place to buy this wonderful music mobile inside tamilnadu ?

  • Hoangsalem

@Nazim Hosein
In Vietnam still have brandnew. It's from warranty company.

  • Anonymous

where can i get an original batery for my w610i in kenya

  • Nazim Hosein

I have had this phone for over 4 years,And seriously its evrything it says that it is.Its really strong and the battrey life lasts about 3 days when it is fully charged.This W610i is truley one of Sony Ericsson best creations.The sad thing though is that i want to buy another one but i cant find any anywhere at all.Does anyone know where i can find one?

  • Magrat

I have this phone for 4 years, and unfortunately it's time for change... now, I've planed to by yendo, because I want walkman phone, but yeando isn't good... anyway, question is: is the music as good on, lets say x10 mini (because it isn't a MUSIC phone and it doesn't have (or it isn't mentioned) mega bass) or should I try with w995....
p.s. the thing is I want the touch scren too...
please, help! tnx :)