Sony Ericsson W8

Sony Ericsson W8

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  • Rh31n


Vivaz already succeeded by Xperia Neo. I don't know about the walkman feature, but it runs on android 2.3 OS.

  • Anonymous

LOL SE make me laugh...the w8 = x8 change the color put walkmam logo and a better sound chip and is done...this is stupid making this phones is wasting the company resources..and not inoviting and make better phones...

  • freddy

walkman veris0n 0f xperia x8....:D

  • AnonD-6696

x8 :-)

  • AnonD-1805

Nice outlook...i guess it proves to be a good one!

  • RySev

Hope it's cheaper than better spec phones like galaxy mini n optimus one. But knowing sony it will be overpriced.

  • Khelwani

How come SE sticks with no multitouch and the damn eclair 2.1 ?

  • Rickjë

somehow it doesn't look very apealing... SE could have released a Vivaz like phone with 2.3 adroid and the "Walkman" feature...

  • shaniz

itz really great in new will b superb if itz under 15k inr

  • Anonymous

AnonD-691, 21 Apr 2011This is a Lower Midrange type of Mobile so Don't Criticize I ... moreyeah ryt =)

  • AnonD-691

This is a Lower Midrange type of Mobile so Don't Criticize

I just hope this have a Sound Enhancing Chip and not just a Walkman Player that it will really separate them from a Non Walkman Phone

This will be a Best Seller for ordinary people who loves music with a touch of an android

this is a perfect gift for a Girl who doesn't care about specs and updates.

  • Anonymous

w8 .. what about the w15 ? the rumor picture of the box

  • Arak

Finally we get a walkman phone after one and half year , but its not a flagship phone .
As a big Sony Ericsson fan , I wish that Sony Ericsson built a better phone than this one

this phone will traget the youngsters only and not professionals that really care for walkman brand

the mobile is outdated from all sides , OS, camera and screen so there is not anything so impressive about it

The best seller would be if Sony Ericsson announces a special Edition phone that have both Walkman and Cybershot names on it with 4 inch screen , 16 megapixel camera witn Exmor sensor , at least 16GB storage , 2.3 Android (upgradable) , Xvid and Div X players , ,,, here we are not talking magic , already Samsung covers 90% of the specifications mentioned above

I wish one day Sony Ericsson makes this small dream comes true

  • AnonD-793

whats the problem with this matter???
this is a rubbish u know...still like the old one...
just its got a "walkman" signature only...

cmon r...each phone on this era r basically run:

-android 2.2 and above
-1 ghz proccessor
-5 mp camera n hd recording
-3.5' screen

but what can i see on this fon is suck!!!none of any above thing got in this phone...

really terrible r...

Sony best phone for rite now is only X10...just it the only SE fon that got a criteria like above...

hope u will consider b4 buying this fon...

  • Ryan

Raulspike47, 21 Apr 2011This specs are awful, I am sorry for you sony ericsson. I hate a... moreHello, do you know how to level types of phones, lw-range, mid- range and high- end phones. Know how to compare the prices as well before you criticize a phone. :0

  • Raulspike47

This specs are awful, I am sorry for you sony ericsson. I hate all these shitty new phones

  • Ryan

Looks good as an mp3 player and phone. Not bad. :-)

  • Prince

looks like the Xperia X8 with the walkman logo...hopefully it is about the same price and with a higher version of Android OS. If it is, I would love to have one...

  • utouh

omg. its a android walkman phone. all i can say is that i dont like the camera, no led flash, no auto focus. i love walkman phone but this phone sucks. SE drops led flash, auto focus what a mess. whats wrong SE.. wake-up... it a bad dream..

  • AnonD-367

utouh, 21 Apr 2011yes, im the best.. yupeeeYour choice is realy bad and outdated dumb noob i go for
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II better then your choice.