Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • david

dont buy this phone
itz a rip off
first the phone freezes up often maybe 2-3 times a day. bluetooth conection is poor. it turns on and off by itself sometimes. i really dont like the color.

  • radiance

i'm havin problems wit my restarts occasionly wen changin themes and also switches off repeatedly(like if i take it out o my pocket and just place it on my desk it switches off, and i switch it on again and place it bak on d desk it will switch off and also if i put it for chargin it sometimes switches off....pls note i do all dis camly...i take care of dis fone like my girl friend....coz if i damage it i won't get another one quickly)can any one help me....but otherwise dis is an awsome fone..way to go se....had it for bout 8 months nw....but i heard dat d production has it true??? i'm in india so it may be true or it may not so pls help.....emil me at

  • khan 1

ya my w800i camera also starts by its self some time with out any touching or command..........any 1 knows why its going on...

  • BabyT

well i cant use the disc to phone because it keeps on saying the usb attached to my computer has malfunctioned, and my phone blinks sometimes like every hour it will blink like it has circuit problem in it, i would also like to register my phone online but i dont know how to because when i try its not registering my phone so that i can actuallly obtain a warranty. please i really would like to hear how to set up the disc to phone so that it stops malfunctioning

  • luis

hi does anyone knows if this phone is capable of having a big capacity memory stick duo like 4 gb or more?

  • Anonymous

Love the phone but theres ony one problem actually two, there is two flash lights and one of them is not working and another is that sometimes when i go on the walkman then the phone turns off
PLeezzz can any one tell me the answer to my problem

  • Ver

i like the COLOR

  • char

Got a problem here...
Does anyone know whther the rubber on top of the joystick can be replaced?
Mine came off nad now the joystick's grip is rather low... I often slide over it... :(

  • Jimē

just to add...

i dropped this phone into a huge puddle of viscous mud and it still works no problem, even the control stick after a little cleaning

  • Jimē

Great phone!! havent had any problems so far, playback quality is great on the walkman, camera works fine and seems to have enough memory then i would need. highly recommended : )

  • mahmood

camera in my w800i run suddenly without my hands... i hope u understand me ...
my english is not very good ... help

  • ray

amir just go to the menu and go on to the settings and where it says language go on to it and it takes you to loads of languages

  • em&ka

sorry for bad english..

with control stick I mean joystick :))

  • amir

i need software language farsi or arabic for w800 please help me

  • amir

phone w800 is very good,but this phone can not search per number!!!
please help me.

  • patik

Using this phone since mac, almost 7 month know. the "control stick" start to have slower reactions, it's true i think W800 user have to becarefull using it. other than that it a great phone, after updating it's firmware the speakers can play song louder (some comment before it's not loud enough. Batteries are ok, max can last for 3 days >. no ploblems for theme and ring tones lots of them on the net, picture are great! want to see what happen to it affter a year of used.

  • Edmond

ppl, what is the control stick??

  • sonubali

this phone is beter than nokia 3250 as sound quality voice plus internalmemory is more so guyz buy it :)

  • em&ka

super awesome phone, very sweeet...
just its' control stick gives me some worries, because after 2 months it started to malfunction, does anyone knows reason for this. It is dust or something more frightening? :(

  • sanjay

help help _(*)_ hi evetyone i bought this fone a month back. now its camera and walkman buttons are not working , i cant use the camera.battery doesn,t lasts more than 40 hrs in standby mode. got 1 gb memory but cant store more than 40 sms.can any ine help me with this.