Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • Anonymous

wats da latest firmware goin around? And how do i get 2 dwnld it on my phone...

  • Ilignore

Nope only a max of 1 gb

  • geo

i want it!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Was a Nokia user all the while (5130, 8210, 6610) and changed to this W800i for its amazing features. Loving it for every moment !

  • Anonymous

If you get this phone make sure you get the store to upgrade to the latest firmware before you agree to buy it.

Older firmware has so many bugs its not funny, and this phone was giving me the s**ts, so much so I nearly went back to my 3 year old Nokia as it worked better! I thought I'd give it one more change and try upgrading the firmware and now its heaps better.

Things like:
- I'd assign an mp3 to a ring tone or the alarm and after a while it couldn't play them (resulting in just a vibrating alert to wake me in the morning which I often wouldn't hear, or the ring tone would just default to the sony ericsson because it couldn't play the mp3) and I'd have to reboot the phone before I could play mp3s again.
- the reminder alert is REALLY loud and can't be adjusted (in new firmware its much quieter)
- the phone screen would go white for no reason and not respond forcing me to shut down the phone before I could use it again

In the new version I've also noticed that when searching for someone in your contacts list you can search by typing in more than one letter! Bonus!

The update firmware process to do yourself is terrible and quite finicky, I really wouldn't recommend you do this (I work in tech support and I found it hard). Hence the reason to get it done in store before you buy.

  • baby


i always play 3gp files in my w800,but how come it couldnt play out the video once i put in mp4 files???

  • Anonymous

i bought dis phone a couple of days ago...wrks perfectly well...however, it charges only upto 80% of phone usage...nvr get the phone 2 show 100% or full battery..

do i need 2 update any firmware or something 4 let me know

  • Anonymous

yes it can. no problemo.

  • Anonymous

hi does anyone know what is the maximum memory the w800 can support? I know it comes with a 512 MB, can this be upgraded to 2 GB?


  • Anonymous

can i load additional applications in W800i, any website from where i can get them???


  • G9

Your Windows Media Player files may be protected, and this could be the reason for them not working :)

  • easyboy

Hey, anyone has problem with the earpiece volume? I've adjusted it to the maximum (the "+" rocker switch at the side of the phone)but it is still pretty soft, especially when I'm having a conversation at a slightly "noisy" environment. Can't really hear very well from the party over at the other end. Not sure if it is my phone defect or it is all the same for W800?

  • Anonymous

Hey.. I m not able to play Windows media player files in my phone What cud b the reason. Can any one help me out

  • w800 user

Can u tell me how can i change the default picture name without several rename of files. Please email me or write it in the forum. Thank you very much.

  • Smart Kid

Hi all, planning to buy W800, am in love with this fone, just wanted to know, if I can install Real Player and play RM files. Someone plz help me !!!

  • Anonymous

u can use nokia multimedia 2.0 for 3gp and total video converter 2.6 for mp4. they're the simplest to use

  • Anonymous

i have the whole movie "the best of mr. bean" on mp4 on my phone and the resolution is not too bad.

  • Anonymous

first u must have 3gp or mp4 convertion programs as it plays both. once u have the video files converted and stored on ur pc, use the usb cable to move or copy those files to ur phone. u must learn the config settings, like bitrate and frames per second, of those converters before converted files could be played. it takes a bit of trial and error and a lot of patience to master it.

  • Voon

Can someone tell me how to transfer and what format can the phone play? It's really a nice phone, a combination of mp3 player and a cellphone. A lot of ppl like to follow the trend and get new phones all the time, but i belive with this phone, i'm really satisfied and don't think i need anyone better than this. I haven't have any problem mentioned in other posts. The only problem i have is to transfer video files to my phone. Can someone tell me how to transfer video files and what format can the phone play?

  • Sobo

used every day,3 months !