Sony Ericsson W900

Sony Ericsson W900

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  • dan

this is the best phone i have ever used. i wud much rather have this phone than anything else, even a car. it has great sound pictures and features. ps i used to have the u600 and it was poor

  • Dean

Hi it's me again with the same ? is it possible to upgrade the radio into the phone? Please help.

  • Mark

guys... i have a problem... i can't seem to have a playlist on my w900... Whenever I add media from my memory stick (1GB) to my playlist, it says, "Failed"

what should i do?????????

  • tosin

plz does anyone know the website i can check the internal part of the w9oo headset,the one with the inbuilt radio..i steped on mine n the wire got removed from the control,it can be repaired but the colour of wires are so many n so confusing..can some one plz help

  • janie

i can't find this phone anywhere! did they stop making it? i live in the US and i cant find it on ebay, do anyone know where i can get a hold of a white sony ericcson w900i?

  • dean

Hi vlad If u like it very much (the phone) here is a link to it­=search&kat=28

  • dean

Only 2 ? Is it posible 2 instal the radio into it or to put the voice to speaker? Thanks

  • Lee2307

I recently bought this amazing phone but it did not come wit the w900 headphones :/.. do the headphones of a sony ericsson w810 or w800 fit in this phone or does the w900 have unique headphones?

  • Tsepz

For those of you who want to c W900 succesor go to this link and click on the word Shinobu thats the codename, heres the link:

  • cline

hello sef.. where did you see the successor of the w900? i wanna see it too..thanks

  • Tsepz

To Fahim
No you cant, theres no other WALKMAN that supports W900 headphones (HPM-80)

  • fahmi

can i use this w900i's earphone with the se w200i?? need the answer ASAP!!! tq~

  • dynamic_gsm

Best of the Best in all time !

  • russell

hey guys thus this fone support 3g>

  • russell

ie guys, thus W900 works perfectly with a 4GB, 8GB mem card?

  • SeF

on june 14 we will now glance the successor of this top-of the line phone:) with UIQ, 8Gb Flash memory and 3mpix AF camera.

  • Tsepz

To Kyko
the volume arrows are in button form not jogdial.
To Lee
thats a great trade, this phone brilliant, dont worry about the size you will get used to it, i did :-) now i dont mind that its big. when i pull it out of my pocket in public people cant take their eyes off it

  • Lee2307

I just got this phone yesterday and i love it.. i traded in my nokia 6630 for it.. you think it was a good deal?.. till now ive had no problems wit this phone. the screen is crisp, the sound is amazing, everything u expect from a sony ericsson!.. just was wandering, who thinks the phone is just a lil bit to big and bulky? i think thats the only downfall to this phone.

  • kyoko

To those who own this phone(W900):
May i know is the arrow key in JogBall type? & is it true this phone will discontinue soon?


  • Tsepz

W900 is definetly the better choice
how the hell did you manage to break the microprocesser? this phone aint a waste of money,til today its stil better than most SEs that are coming out now