Sony Ericsson W960

Sony Ericsson W960

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  • Vikram

This is one ultimate phone one can get in the market....

  • eNVy

It is a little early to have an answer of this phone's sound guys, and have it compared to W810...

  • Anonymous

it has predictive text input which includes both sms & mms

  • karam

hi all..
can any one tell me about it's sound(higher than w810i or tha same????)

  • ryan

this phone doesnt have SMS and MMS listed on the phone specs. check this link­ver=4000&template=pip3&zone=pp&pid=10908

as opposed to the k850 here SMS and MMS are listed on the specs sheeet­ver=4000&template=pip3&zone=pp&pid=10868

  • cell phone lover

Does anyone know at what format does this cell phone take in terms of videos ?
I just have this feeling that it's not 30 fps.

And anybody have any idea how loud this cell phone could be ?

And lastly , what are the accessories that come with this cell phone ?

Thank you .

  • eNVy

Yes it does have a stylus...

  • Anonymous

I think GSMarena should give a review to this much expected phone when it hits the market...

A must review(by gsmarena) for such a beautiful phone.

  • Dangisani

I have SE W810i, i really need to own W960. SE is the best company in phone makings. Since i never had any complain with my W810i. W810i is the best moderm without 3G. W960 moderm will be pretty faster because of 3G.When will it became available at South Africa.

  • Anonymous

no ut has no stylus.

  • eNVy

Yes it does have a stylus.

  • Anonymous

does it have a stylus?????

  • Sugar

i Love this Phone.

But it Look's the P1 in a WALKMAN Suite Dont you Think ??

  • UbrIbabYx

Why this phone doenst have HSCSD AND EDGE ??? and is good to have 8GB internal memory, but why doenst have external slot ? i mind, i want put 4gb more for my movies and design programs, why ???

  • Eigger

Guys, anybody knows the processor speed of W960?

  • Anonymous

So much better than the iPhone.

And the video recording is QVGA!

  • Anonymous

When one see a sophisticated and rich in features set then a very little things skipped are felt too much. The phone is very nice I bet but camera glass is not covered and the even the memory is no more needed but the slot card option gives u some other functionalities and they are skipped. If the colors would be given rich i.e. 16M rather 256k then would be amazing. and offcourse Qcif video.

  • Mission completed

Im gonna be in the test panel for this phone in Kista (Stockholm), I have the W950i today (also a test phone) and what I have missed in a perfect phone was a camera. Now I will get it in the W960 ... and the mission is complete now. ;)

  • undecover_bro

mobile review blog says somewhere around 800 euros but im not shure and if its that expensive SE must have gone outta their minds !

  • kim

hi! can any1 kindly confirm on e resolution of video taking? Izzi't vga or qvga or anythin lower than tis? N wat is e frame rate supporting? Will e 3mp cam as comparable 2 k800i's?