Sony Ericsson W960

Sony Ericsson W960

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  • Raza_pk

Yeah great, but b4 release it. Pls. Add EDGE & infra with or or without 3G. But it is quite necessary like Nokia(Great) do. Bye

  • Anonymous

The w960 will definately have an adapter which enables in to go 3.5mm

  • Critical Hit

Update! New accesories sonyericsson HGE-100 GPS reciever is supported by w960

  • Kiwi

Walkman phone with 8Gb storage but no 3.5mm audio jack?

  • way_tp

What a great walkman phone....!!!!!
I'm waiting for you..
Not Perfect but enough....

  • josh

i have it one of my friend gave it to me for couple days (he works for SE). i just dont know how to review it . but beformance and sounds quality seems to be good.

  • moto-designer-livein

omg! this is one awesome hp that i need to have!!! great spec! great internal memory! with wifi too!

  • RICK


  • RICK

i found a live video of these phone!!!
now im having 2nd opinion its cain of fat!!!
well ill let u deside! plz right back\

  • j dogg

tHis freaking phoen iz f-ing AmAzinG . it got 3 f-ing mp camera and a wifi connection. # freaking 1 cell phone except fo da k850

  • Anonymous

everything is off the hook but why they forgot EDGE??

  • MobileFreak

These new SE phones are really Hi-tech

  • SeF

definitely the real iphone killer. from the specs i have seen, this should be the flagship of the all multimedia phones from SE and definitely the most powerful media device device ever made by SE :)

  • burat

OMG!, no flash?, can someone reply to this...

  • manueldiaz

yeahh sony rules!! 8GB memory? the best! xD!

  • SEph

Wooohooohooo!!! This would really kill the competition. This one has better looks than P1. I would really want to have one when this comes out in the market. Great!

  • kEiThZ

With the right price point, this could put a serious dent in iPhone sales....

  • Anonymous

I thought buying a 4GB memory stick & stereo bluetooth headset for my W850 would do the job, but with 8GB Walkman-touch player & 3.2 AF camera i think i wont resist if i have the cash :D


omg . i lovvvvvvvvvvve this phone , i have w 850 now and i was all set to buy a w880, but how will take that when these phones are added in the list...i just love this phone ,8 gb internal memory and 3 mp camera ...for me its perfect vid a good camera and great music player.i m anxiously waitin for it..

  • m600

Dudes... This phone will damn rock when they will release it. Now i am confused like everybody else. But i am confused to chose this one or the P1.