Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • Reviewer

finally! some original design in the mobile world!!! the individual separated keys on the keypad and the single piece shiny shell (along with transparent tip and touch-sensitive dedicated music buttons)are all what attracts buyers! sony ericsson, bravo and keep the "16 million color display, inventive themes, top quality camera and music player" thing going with your phones!

  • phoenix

1st ever phone with built in FM transmitter and reciever !

  • Q

Screen only 2.2", too small for today standard. But a very cool design from SE, won't buy it myself coz of the small screen.

  • astro1984

A decent flip walkman! i've been waiting for this forever!

Thank you SE!

  • kevin

SE sure have alot of new release. I think this phone looks good but lack of up to date features. :(

  • drsilverworm

It's only 46mm wide, not wide at all... I think one of the coolest parts of about this phone is that it has a built-in FM transmitter, meaning it can beam it's music straight to your car radio, no extra accessories needed..

  • eNVy

Hm this is a good phone, but compared too W960 which is lower model right? Doesn't seem that good at all, I wonder why all the changes, but in the wrong direction! Don't see any real improvments from W906, infact they took out features, real confused about this one, other new releases look great though!

  • daniel mexico

8 GB shared memory!!!

  • Kevin

Nice phone, but not really good.

  • Anonymous

Doesnt really look gd..SE couldv done better

  • francis_tala

latest W-series phone?

only the memory. . . ?

  • kevibeni

Why make it a flip? :(

  • REX

My Dream phone come true O.O....^_^ !!?

  • hasrias

SE put dis against nokia's n81 8gb

  • lalaland

my next phone!

  • Dani

great !

  • dothan