Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • tazilia

monky0, 22 Sep 2008Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone has experience with the SE W5... moreyes .the design keypad is totally different with the w580.
it won't cause you the problem.

  • hamoon_jadugar

can i get some sort of sample picture snap of the camera quality at its highest resolution?????

  • temoziah

what games does this phone come with!!!

  • monky0

Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone has experience with the SE W580. I wanted to know if the material of the key pad of the W980 is the same as the W580. 'Cause i've had the W580 and half of the buttons were cracked within the first week! And i don't want that again. Or just a comment on the W980 keys would be fine. If there not the same, then i'm definitly buying this phone. Everything else is just awsum!so i've read..
Thanx :-)

  • winson

i just gt this fone, can any1 tell me why i cant write sms message in dis fone??? it only allow me create message in multimedia or e-mail format!!! any1 can tell me why?? is it because is faulty?

  • Anonymous

W980 fans i have a question... i bought a w980 and i love it , but after buying it i traveled to a new country and there my Fm transmitter didn't work saying ( due to legal constraints ) so whats the solution ? plz i need help as fast as possible... thanks

  • SattarBruva

I am thinking of buying the phone, cause frankly all phones on the market are not exactly the sort of one I want. This to me is the perfect match. I couldnt care more or less if it had wireless.

However I wanted to know, how good/bad the camera exactly is? Is it as good as it is advertised, i.e. 3MP one or below standard?

  • se

what languages does w980 support??

  • A

Vanessa, 17 Sep 2008Thanks for the reply, i am a uk user, im with Vodafone. This has... moreYou should be able to contact your carrier and they sometimes can provide you with a code that you can put into the phone that will extend the amount of rings based on seconds. For example I have mine set to ring for 25 seconds. Maximum I think is 30 seconds unless you take off all diverts to voicemail etc. Hope that helps :)

  • Narry

EXPENSIVE but worth it unless the first day it gets stolen

  • Vanessa

Striker, 02 Sep 2008@ Vanessa Are you a UK user? If so, what network? I can g... moreThanks for the reply, i am a uk user, im with Vodafone. This has got to be the only phone that only rings 6 times, all the other phones ive had go on and on and on. Im always missing calls! HELP

  • Anonymous

does anyone know how to transfer music to w980 using a mac???
the software is pc only...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2008hi, can anyone tell me how long does the battery last? Battery life is quite good. I had the C902 prior to this and the battery life was no good which is why I upgraded to this. To give you an indication. I use it to play music for around 2 and a half hours, train ride to work and home and for my nightly jog. On top of that I take a few calls a day and the battery lasts me between 2-3 days. Although I did take off 3G given that I don't need it as I dont make video calls. Hope that helps but overall I am happy with the battery life, I would say you would be pleased with it.

  • Anonymous

hi, can anyone tell me how long does the battery last?

  • Miguel

Thanks for that Sony fan, i'll give it a go, sounds like it might work.. but now I have another problem, when for example renaming music files in the File Manager app on the phone, or in Windows Explorer via USB on the PC, the changes are not displayed in the Walkman app on the phone.. the changes are visible under File Manager on the phone itself but not under Walkman where it still shows the old file names, I've selected the 'Update Media' but still the same problem..!

  • Quik

Compare to the W902, which is better for the audio quality?..I'm really confuse between W980 and W902..

  • Sony fan

Miguel, 15 Sep 2008Hi there everyone, I just bought my w980 phone 3 days ago, and w... moreHi Miguel..
Try going to the folder that has the song, pick the song you want to move, then click on more...then go down to the option of manage files...Select Move.
That will take you to a selection of
*new folder
or whatever your phone has...
scroll to the folder you want and click on paste. That should move it to that certain folder and should stay there.
If you've tried that and it doesnt help then take back your phone and ask for a replacement.
Thats the best I do so far.. Take care..

  • Please reply to me

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2008From my point of view, after buying the phone and having used it... moreU made a nice review BUT:
Would u please complete ur favour and compare w980 stereo speakers to that of n81 or 6233 or 5700 XM ?? Concerning 1.loudness
4.clarity?U know i heard w980 lack the dedicated audio chip DSP found in n81 and i'm really really careful about the music quality, so my friend would u help me!?

  • monkey mafia

the front sceen will show pic as well when someone call in? front screen can set any wallpaper or theme? no doubt about this phone sure have a nice audio. but the camera doesnt have flash light rite? what is white dot for on the top rght keypad there?

  • yan

OMG!! This phone is extremely damn nice .. and then the screen is nice then it have like 8GB memory .. wow... i love this phone man .. just can wait to get it ..