Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • eternal_wind

excuse me,

W980i will come with headset HPM-77 which conatins 3.5 mm Jack.

  • Anonymous

i thought the built in FM antena would make up for its lack of wifi and autofocus. but why had they ditched such an unique feature!?!? that lives this phone nothing much better than the W760. price is needless to say as it is W9xx. high!

  • nic

i think its nice, i cant w8 2 see it in a market^_^

  • Anonymous

Here is the truth. Putting AF 3 mega cam with LED flash and installing some cybershot camera interface is ' Nothing' for SE. But they purposely remove all those things. As long as SE separate cybershot and walkman, I won't buy any of those.

  • Anonymous

Atleast SE reached at apple ipod level after reading the review quite impressed.One day SE going kill evey brand in music phones.Good job SE keep it up.

  • MIR

After reading the review, all i can say is Nice design(outside) but nothing inside.
It may looks good in hand but there is no fun using it...I still think Nokia N95-8GB is batter (although a little big).

  • Anonymous

i think i would pick the ROKR E8 over this. i was impressed with the W980 initially when i saw it first, but ROKR wins because it has a 3.5mm jack on the unit itself (unlike this phone where u need to use a adapter). and for music buffs, using your own headphones is essential. what is good about this phone is that it's battery life and storage space is good. i am not sure which phone has better quality. the accelerometer is a pricey and unnecessary feature (IMHO, it's really illogical to shake your phone to control music when you have buttons for it in the front, they could've found a better use for the accelerometer). but then this phone is a flagship model, meaning it's gonna cost rediculously high.

  • Noc

N96 is a definite killer mobile but it's expensive, as compared to SEs. This phone is music-related, and non-smart. N96 is smartphone. You cannot really compare the two.

  • eternal_wind

W980 is focused on music, and that's the reason why so many people think that the audio quality of this phone will be much better than N96..

Besides, N96 is much expensive. I know that N96 has a lot of features and great. Yes.

But why would choose such phone if you're not going to use all of the features? It's just wasting your money..

  • Elcrocodilio

Ok.who else feels that this isnt the best ericsson can do.i mean forgive me for i am a sony ericsson lover but nokia n96 is comin out at about the same time & it has 5M.P. Camera & a 16gb internal memory & a tv out & many more.& all sony has to show for is a downgrade for the w960.i know that in 6 months sony is goin to release a much better phone than the n96 & n92,but i would really like to see them take the competion by the horn.i think w980 is great but i honestly think sony can do much better.

  • Anonymous

don't buy this phone from anyone except from Sony ericsson, this guy who is trying to sell is either one of the traitor of SE or guy who has obtained a prototype from somebody and selling that, selling prototype is against the law and its also harmful for anybody to use the prototypes as the EM radiations are not type approved and more than limit actually.

buddy you will fall in trouble now, wait for it. you will be tracked by squad.

  • Noc

I was wondering. Do you ppl think that we'd be able to access other fone functions, apart walkman, from the external display? Like reading just received messages without opening the flap?

  • Anonymous

mXUv (me)-
You are correct, plus Sony Ericsson accessories like their premium watches and bluetooth stereo headsets are fully compatible with one another, while with LG and Samsung accessories, the latest accessories are not even backward compatible. Motorola, well everything's still the same, lol

  • me

i so cant wait to get thisif the price is right.

i prefer se because theyve all got a good range of accesories and the same connectors not like other brands where they change the connectors to encourage people to spend a lot of money on accessories.

no other opinions can change my mind.

  • Anonymous

You can also agree that it's not a SMARTPHONE.
Sony Ericsson is actually doing a very perfect job of showing the best of the W series, which stands for WALKMAN, which is the MUSIC series of the brand.
They don't have a specific series yet, though it's undoubtedly that the X series will be just that.
Anyone who wants to say that the M series is the smartphone series, you are partially right, but M stands for messaging now since those phones were just messaging behemoths.

The W960 was special in terms of bringing gimmicks and features along with the other phones of their time (W910, K850).

  • Sad day 4 s.e

I read on the s.e website that they have been bought out by lg and are going to cancel all the phones set for release after june31st thi sday will bring about alot of tears...

  • Sandile

I was actually worried about the same thing. I'm in cape town and the waiting is kiiling me. I dont want anything else. I've had 4 SE and im happy with their quality

  • zack

guys dont pick this phone coz it is suppose to be an upgrade from the w960i. but actually we cant call it a real upgrade coz many super fetures seen on w960i is not on dis phone like the dual led flash,touchscreen,wifi or wlan,autofocus and also the image quality on the camera is not as superior as w960i. the only new feature is fm transmittor.both the phones look good in their own way the w960i is more radical and executive looking while w980i has a more sporty appearence

  • Anonymous

every company is different in terms of the functionaloty so its not possible to have same functions of keys between 2 companies.

  • hussien

hi every body i was wondering if this mobile has a short cut menu like nokia you hold pressing the menu bottomn an show you evey thing you are runing does it have this option?