Sony Ericsson WT18i

Sony Ericsson WT18i

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Anonymous, 10 Mar 2014Please i want to purchase the phone but the price is isn't indic... moreI have Sony Ericsson WT18i,in my mobile their was problem in charging port.On visiting to the Authorised repair center of Sony which is situated in Mansarover Complex in BHOPAL(M.P.)On inspection they told me that the cost of repairing is Rs 7000/,when i asked those people that in my mobile only charging port is not working so only change that port in reply those people told me that they replaced the mother board,and this is the POLICY of the company.Iwent to the local unauthorised repairig shop and got changed that charging port in just Rs 150/.Now my mobile is working O.K. .In my openion repairing policy of the company should be so that the repairing cost of the phone should be minimum.I think if they dont see in this matter then no body will think to BUY SONY PHONES.

  • sakthi

cynthia, 30 Aug 2013i use WT13i pls i cnt download whatsap cn u pls help mevery super

  • Anonymous

Please i want to purchase the phone but the price is isn't indicated on my screen

  • cancat

AnonD-101676, 16 Jan 2013Good & Fantastic Phone... I Need It. Please Give Me The Pric... moreIT IS GUD phne bt it has heat prob.

  • cynthia

i use WT13i pls i cnt download whatsap cn u pls help me

  • shifana

how to clear the safe mode from the screen

  • AnonD-121728

I had very bad experience about this mobile,it used to give speaker problem,meaning: person on the other side cud not hear my voice. after being sent to service centre its software formatted,later they told,its motherboard needs to be replaced.i told them,i want my money back,but they dint listen to it n then i had to hire a lawyer n after receivinf legal notice from me,after so many days,they refunded my money back.

  • annu

i have a wt13i
i have a problem when i transfer camera image to computer its size to small
than how to got full screen in computer please help us me.

my ID :-

  • puppy

prabu, 21 Jan 2013i want this phn..........board failure

  • prabu

i want this phn..........

  • AnonD-101676

Good & Fantastic Phone... I Need It. Please Give Me The Price...Thank You.

  • Kumar

Nice Phone, but battery back up is very poor

  • whisperer

i have used this phone for six months now and i promise you the experience is superb, music and radio reception is perfect. its an all round phone and it doesn't hang unless you install apps that have bugs

  • Mehdi

sankar, 15 Dec 2011pls add da specifications filemanager is there or not pls add th... more Very good fone and very funny music

  • dip

super cool

  • SUD

Dude... first thing first you friend bought the phone from CHINA (dont know what to say here..!! :D ), on top that you are using the phone in Malaysia.. hows that gonna work.. you need to unlock the phone..

You cant name the company for the faulty piece..
According to me.. you need quality on camera, screen visualization, Music, Recording, Look of the device..
SONY is the one...

  • ajit_ethan

nice phone.. awesome features... sony erricson rule yaar... :D

  • vivek chavan

can some one tell me how to pause the video recording in this phone trying to do it for a long tym please help....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-51838, 25 Apr 2012hay is this phone and sony ericsson live with walkman phone same... moreDo not buy WT18i it for china market only! not real android 2.3 or 4.0 OS! it a modifier version android based OS. it like chine version of android. a friend of mine got this phone when he was in china, when he back here in Malaysia he cant use any of malaysian gsm/3g network sim card! no network detected! the phone is slower then LWW ICS 4.0.4

  • Anonymous

linkin.park, 03 Aug 2012could someone plz tell me what's the different between wt18i and... moreWT18i 3G Network TD-SCDMA 2010-2025/1880-1920 only work in china. WT19i LWW 3G Network is HSDPA 900/2100 works worldwide. camera for WT18i is 3.15 MP, WT19i is 5MP auto focus. processor for WT18i is 806MHZ, WT19i is 1GHz Scorpion. why get WT18i when WT19i LWW is a better choice.