Sony Ericsson WT18i

Sony Ericsson WT18i

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  • revenge

this info is fake dnt b've on it..

  • p p janardhanan

there is no facility to raname a track of the song. so just include RENAME option in the music player. most of the songs are shown TRACK. so it cannot identify the real name of the song.

  • linkin.park

could someone plz tell me what's the different between wt18i and wt19i thanks

  • ahmed

Hats, 11 Jul 2012LIVE with walkman s too gud, nice camera pics, hd video, 1ghz sp... moreplzz tell me abaout live with walkman battery timing??????

  • jack

rk, 13 Jun 2012iwant to buyOokk y d hel u r syng that \.. .

  • Hats

LIVE with walkman s too gud, nice camera pics, hd video, 1ghz speed procssr, scratch resistant screen too good to use,nw am using Android 4 ICS in it, rocking sound really nice...

  • rk

Dhonzkie, 24 Dec 2011This is Sony Ericsson WT18i not Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman ... moreiwant to buy

  • SONY

this mobile not good, less chareges

  • nittu

in walkman phone there ws no voice

  • AnonD-43136

marcus, 19 Apr 2012it is 1 ghz, you readNOT 1ghz! Live walkman(wt19i) is but wt18i is 800! Wt18i is china only phone! China can keep this piece of tat as the rest of the world is enjoying live walkman that is proper android!

  • AnonD-51838

hay is this phone and sony ericsson live with walkman phone same?
well i don't think that they are the same because their interface is different but their body is totally same .
i want to bye sony ericsson live with walkman phone .
please tell me how to identify the live with walkman one

  • marcus

jace, 18 Dec 2011read the specification... its 806 mgh not 1ghzit is 1 ghz, you read


its a really very nice every side

  • Anonymous

sony lover , 13 Mar 2012i bought a live with walkman wt19i and had to return it because ... moreScreen is identical. Wt18i not android and only for china!

  • sony lover

i bought a live with walkman wt19i and had to return it because the screen was not good, it was causing my vision to see blury and everyone that brouse thru it,
no lie i love the phone but very dissapointed when i had to returnded it. i hope the w18i doesnt have that same effect.

  • sahil

cn anybdy tell wtz d price f dis fon in feb 2012

  • Anonymous

AnonD-40591, 02 Feb 2012is this phone better than live? Neva. Live z da bst!

  • AnonD-40591

is this phone better than live?

  • JRIzzle

jb, 17 Jan 2012is the walkman effect in the earphones good ,thats too important... more@jb it is made to perfection when it comes to music. if u r a music lover like i am u definitely wanna buy this piece. goes best with Beats™ or with the plain Sony/Sony Ericsson earpiece.

  • JRizzle

JRizzle, 18 Jan 2012@Anonymous check out the screen. it has a diff lay-out. it has t... moreand i actually have the Live so i can tell the difference. :)