Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

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This was their last phone. Rest in peace, soldier..

  • Anonymous

This phone was the end of an era... After the break Sony was alright until 2014 but they've never reached the heights of the Sony Ericsson time again.

  • Syed Kazim

Khaled, 13 Mar 2020It's more than worth the money. I bought the white one in t... moreYou are absolutely right that this phone is really worth than money. One of the most stunning designed phone among all the other phones of 2011.

  • Khaled

It's more than worth the money. I bought the white one in the year 2012 and it's still running at 2020. I just had to change the battery once during all these years to keep it running. It's currently on a CyanogenMod OS based on Android Jellybean. I currently own a OnePlus 7 pro as my primary device and use the Xperia Arc S as secondary. I just ordered an aftermarket body kit for it from AliExpress as the plastics have weared off.

  • Anonymous

I had this phone probably until 2014. It was besutiful, but internal memory only 512 Mb just turned it useless pretty fast. The good thing I lack from my newer and more powerful phones is HDMI. Of course I can stream directly but this worked somehow better, just memory and processor could not handle the work.

  • Anonymous

Without a doubt a fantastic and timeless design. Especially in white. I still have this, and replaced it with the Xperia Z (C6603) in 2014.

The only issue I had with the Arc S was the bezel cracking (widely documented design flaw) above the proximity sensor. My phone is still intact but the crack is an eye-sore. Aside from that, was a great phone which I still use as an offline (and keep-at-home) music player.

still an outstanding design .....standing at 2019 and carrying essence of 2011 it looks obsolete as per configurations.....but the shape and built is still unbeatable this days.
Sony ericsson has created some masterpieces in its time .......wish if they could be here
today also .......miss them

  • W


Real looker AT its time. A head-Turner. Remember a collegeu had it rocking. Fine piece of gear.

RIP Sony Ericsson. Always stylish and focusing on camera and features.

if they did and they had xenon flash, id buy it in a heartbeat!

I wonder to this day if Ericsson were still making phones in 2019, what they would be like.

xxTTcc, 10 Jan 2019I agree with you 100%. I miss them too :(If Sony never bought out Ericsson's stake in the venture, maybe Sony would have a way larger market share as of now, it's sad seeing the state of Sony phones nowadays.

  • xxTTcc

Catherine the Great, 18 Sep 2018This is Ericsson's last ever phone. I'll forever miss you :... moreI agree with you 100%. I miss them too :(

  • jwalasingh

sony ericsson mobile is great . Plz modified this mob . And released in market. I like very much looking of this mobile. Great looking and one handed mobile.

This is Ericsson's last ever phone. I'll forever miss you :'(. Your phones were always great. :'(

  • nick

Bought it back in July of 2012 and still using as of now :). The phone itself is not bad at all, except the internal storage limitation and not being compatible with some apps (now). Agree with the previous comment: the last flagship from SonyEricsson. Will be updating to XZ Premium.

  • Reyx

im still using this phone for backup phone. The last flagship from Sony Ericsson.

  • Tom

Macbeth, 31 Mar 2018I wonder if there are those people out there that still use... moreThis has been my phone for I guess more than 6 years now, battery still lasts more than a day easily (was 6 days initially!), one of the best pieces of electronics I've ever owned! Wish they'd release an update, same design, up-to-date components.

I wonder if there are those people out there that still use this phone as a daily driver in 2018.

  • caci

AnonD-744842, 15 Mar 2018who know how to reset this phone,i can't remember my passwo... morewhen is asking you for the password, click emergency calls, enter *#*#7378423#*#* whit that you are in the service menu, look for factory reset or simular. Just make sure your battery is fully charged before resetting the phone.

  • AnonD-744842

who know how to reset this phone,i can't remember my password because so long i don't touch this phone thank you.
#sorry for my english