Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

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  • AnonD-743165

I have this phone. I bought it very cheap so it paid off (10 euro). Good camera and i can watch youtube with no problems. But I can not install much of applications.

  • AnonD-740853

only 1gb?? shit crap i will never by that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

1GB storage. In a flagship released in 2011. Even budget phones of 2011 and even old phones from 2006 have more storage than this.

  • josefKing

S2, 29 Jul 2017Hey guys , am having this phone from the last 5 years , and... moreits Great
I heve this phone too around 5 years,
Its the all of nostalgic sence of phone for me.
thank for sony.

  • Anonymous

Stuart Reeves, 11 Aug 2017Is Xperia Acro SO-02C same with this phone? And is it okay ... moreHardware-wise, the SO-02C is slightly different (has an IR next to the camera). Software-wise, the SO-02C has Japanese-carrier (NTT Docomo) bloatware which are completely useless outside of Japan. You're better off sticking with the international firmware. Would recommend the stock ICS but with all the bloatware removed (not disabled); the LT18 is slow but usable today.

  • Stuart Reeves

Is Xperia Acro SO-02C same with this phone? And is it okay to install non-japanese firmware on xperia acro SO-02C? Help me guys. :'(

  • S2

Hey guys , am having this phone from the last 5 years , and it still works very fluent . No complaints at all. This phone was Beast at that time when it was rulling the market . I am in love with this phone , and I never sell this too , because this is priceless for me and was my first smartphone .

  • Wilson

I have been using my fon for 3 years now but recently about 3 days ago its started to cause worry for me.whenever am using it it just goes off n comes on by itself,n when it comes on only the SONY n XPERIA parts show then it goes back off,the Cycle continues and its worrying

  • Khalid

sainty, 19 Sep 2016Excellent Phone Still Going Strong After 4 Years! Would li... moreHey dude,don't use any custom rom my advice to you,flash this best rom i have used i got 8677 on antutu benchmark,stable wifi,better battery it's official after the .587 it was released by vodafone or something anyways more info in the link goodluck

  • Anonymous

sainty, 19 Sep 2016Excellent Phone Still Going Strong After 4 Years! Would li... moreDo a search on google: Sony ericsson Xperia Arc S xda.On that site you should find out any custom android version you want for your phone. But I strongly recommend you to not flash anything higher than android 4.4 kitkat because those newer versions will be much laggier even than your current stock version.
KitKat is the fastest android you could find for a 512MB or even 1gb of RAM phone.

  • ajime

the phone actualy has slow connection when ze wifi is operated and has low internal storage as well and how do we progress wheather we want to write the IP adress

  • Shamsuddeen

my own has gotten a problem of Wiping and I have about 4000 contact on it, so pls how am I going to get my contacts back? am in need of it plss help me, even if you say I should bring back the phone to your company I will, just to get my contacts back..


This is a junk phone it always lost Wi-Fi conection and was always so slow and had very little internal storage

  • Jirka

Excellent phone, this post written on it. 2017 will be a new one, missing LTE.

  • Nikhil

excellent phone, still using this phone 4year 3 months over. the best phone ever.

  • sainty

Excellent Phone Still Going Strong After 4 Years!
Would like to cynogen mod it to lollipop or marshmallow.
Want to keep this best friend going!
Thanks for any help, links etc.

  • guroo bhai

i need arc s xperia

  • uwin

Anonymous, 17 May 2016am facing battery problem with my phone and some time is hot same here

  • b moumen red

Its obvious that phone can't keeping up with nowadays softwares and applications updates
But I still love it
The body shape arc the Sharp colors the camera
Its precious phone arc s

  • zicky

best phone ever! my friend used it for 2 years passed it to me and I've been on it too for 2years but it still function as new, the battery is superb!