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Sony Ericsson Xperia pro

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  • AnonD-8044

bostonblackie, 03 Nov 2016Hate this phone as it can't download the Uber or Waze Apps.... moreWhy make this comment about going straight to iPhone? why not buy an up to date Android they are gallons of funnies is boring and overpriced.

  • Mickiya

Best phone ever, Love it.
Using LegacyXperia CM13, the phone is DEAD slow, but works without a charm, and no hardware issues whatsoever.
Love Sony, my next one will be a Sony too.

(BTW LegacyXperia cm10 is very fast)

  • bostonblackie

Hate this phone as it can't download the Uber or Waze Apps. Sony help was a waste of time, effort and oxygen. iPhone for me from now on and throwing my two Experia Pro's in the garbage.

  • Konstantin K.

I bought mine in January 2012 and used it since. Thanks to Android 4.0 update it works well enough to this day and never let me down when I lived abroad and travelled in multiple countries. Its storage capacity for apps etc. was always a problem, sometimes a minor one and the other times a frustrating handicap. Now that I'm packing my backpacks again I've upgraded to VKWorld T2 which seems fine with its numpad but I know I'm going to miss the full keyboard and this overall excellent device.

  • Zachary

What John said.
Alas had it since 2011 and it was awesome, even though I had to change the flex cable once it was in all ways near perfect.
Still have it now battered but even whatsapp gets real slow when loading picures. Good phone.

  • John Wayne

too slow and can't handle new apps like timeplay and tinder properly

served it's purpose back in the day but cannot do the job anymore

will miss the keyboard tho

  • Jimmy a Geek

kokki, 01 Jun 2016When I use this mobile amazing I can't forget about that mo... moreYou Can Get from Ali Express

  • kokki

Smartphone Geek, 19 May 2016is it still availvable in the market today?Where ??? Can u tell me that place

  • kokki

When I use this mobile amazing I can't forget about that moment so now I am searching long time I want to by please help me

  • Smartphone Geek

is it still availvable in the market today?

  • Lakshmy

Hey guys..please help me out
I'm confused which phone to buy..I need to have good cameras rest and front..need to use too much net like whatsapp infra and download lot of apps..and need a phone of size 4.5" or more. Which one will be suitable for me??

  • warga

VB tapout, 30 Sep 2015Okay. so much to say about this phone. where to start. it's... moreYou should check this two links:
Sure, you should choose Xperia pro MK16a insted of MK16i

I try to put asteriks into the links to prevent them from missing. Please delete all the asterisk before paste the links into the browser's address bar.

  • warga

VB tapout, 30 Sep 2015Okay. so much to say about this phone. where to start. it's... moreYou should cek this two links:
Sure, you should chose Xperia pro MK16a instead of MK16i.

  • Anonymous

VB tapout, 30 Sep 2015Okay. so much to say about this phone. where to start. it's... moreMaybe the mk16i can work with T-Mobile but I am not sure

  • VB tapout

Okay. so much to say about this phone. where to start. it's 2015 and i needed a really good little phone with a qwerty pad, so i got this one. was hard to decide between samsung captivate glide i927 or this. knew it was from 2011. my computer is older then this thing. ho hum. i got it. now i come to find out, there's two versions of this phone. an mk16a and an mk16i. was on and noticed in the specs read out, i basically got the mk16i (international version....omg did i make a mistake!!!!!! question. anyone...can this phone work with american carriers? second, im so upset how i keep finding all this upgrade ice cream sandwich os for the xperia play and the x10 mini and the mini version of this phone. i know it's 4 years later but wow, i'd like to atleast get the android 4.0 os that was said to be "planned" for this device. bu lo it's 4 years too late long wanted apps. if i can't use this phone for american carriers, im just gonna have to swap it in for another one, maybe the lg optimus f3q, or the samsung.....sigh if anyone knows about the us vs international phone service use, please reply. and all that being said, this is a super awsome little phone. so far.

  • Jojo

Seriously, does any body know how to increase its internal memory ? It is hands down one of the best phones I have seen. I had this phone since 2012, for more than 3.5 yrs God knows how many times it has fallen down (100+), but still the phone is intact. Applications still run smoth as butter (although can't install bigger game apps because of low internal memory- 512 mb).
My friends and colleagues meanwhile has purchased and thrown Moto's, Iphone's etc several times within these years because of non-performance after the initial few months. But, this phone is still going strong ! I just hope somebody finds a way to increase the RAM in this device otherwise I too, will have to buy a new phone soon (which I don't wanna do 'cause I love this one !!)

  • averhielle

[deleted post]thanks man!it's just a hint.

  • Mario'

Hey CurlyBlonde, I have one too. But are you serious about it having a big screen for videos? In 2015 with all those 5" screens around?

  • AnonD-419558

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2015Is there any way to expand the internal memory of this devi... moreHey,

Have you figured it out yet? I'm having the same problem.

  • AnonD-419558

AnonD-375375, 13 Jul 2015The best physical qwerty keyboard phone ever , hands down. ... moreHey CurlyBlonde,
How exactly did you manage to update it? Do you have a link or a tutorial or something?
I've been trying to update it for a long time, but gave up, because i thought it wasn't able to.
Thanks & greetings!