Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Whistla

hopefully, this phone will be good and cheap

  • Arun

Vga recording
wvga screen
3.15 mp camera
windows mobile

have a look at this

  • Anonymous

65K is the best that WM allows, It doesnt allow more...

  • Wow!!

I think Nokia just got owned. Big time.

  • Sameer Nadkarni

It looks very good, but if you are taking on a behemoth like Nokia, then why a 65k color screen?
Also only 400 mb on board memory.
lastly sony ericsson is known to have disappointing batteries. I use a nokia E61, 1500 mah of pure backup. The site has no mention of battery capacity. Hope the battery and screen improve by the time this hits the market!

  • Dani

Holy Moly!!!!!!!!

SE this is a beat of a phone!!

  • Anonymous

massively ugly but azamzing res. wow.

  • Anonymous


  • brynn

Will have to see its video recording facilities first

  • B11

YOYOYOYO is it me or is this phone like this S****** iphone