Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

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  • karthik

Still using the phone, working well
very good picture and sound quality
no camera can beat the 5.0 MP of this one

  • AnonD-424566

AnonD-592290, 02 Oct 2016i love this phone, and im still want it to buy. im from qat... moreAmazon brand new, but it's in white my friend , unlocked

  • reyes

now a days , this phone is really useless if you forgot the password

  • AnonD-598074

I until now still use Xperia 10 mini from the year 2010, from this phone I learned about the android, flashing, program and create applications and others.
The smallest smartphones I've ever used my smartphone I have a lot of use but that this will not be replaced this very unique.
I hope sony makes smartphones like Xperia 10 mini very small but with a high specification and uses the latest android os

  • AnonD-592290

i love this phone, and im still want it to buy. im from qatar, where can be possible to buy it. other option online store directly to sonny ericsson.

  • Jit banerjee

I had purchased this phone in Jan,2011.This was my first android phone.I have used this one upto oct,2012. Then its battery got stuck,heating problem starts. It was a good phone to have at that time.awesome memories.

  • Anonymous

this is the last time they make a sound t9 for 3x4 keypads, later on they remove the smart t9 that makes ths phone awesome(i got an lg and samsung but trust me when it comes to texting this phone rocks , need a bit of time but will sure beat those two for a rather long text or posting on FB,web,etc

  • mash

please help to instal whats up in x 10 mini

  • yohan

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2015this mobile supports the whatsapp ???yessss

  • Weeb´s

From "he good old days" when smaller was considered better. This must have been at the end of that era. Probably stopped with the latest Xperia Mini from Sony.

I remember a friend of mind said: "It´s not about the volume of the gear. I don´t have to compensate for anything." Haha lol.

Cool unique design. I always liked this one but couldn´t go for it because of my troll-like big-hands. A shame!

  • anand

stunning performance and clear camera

  • Anonymous

very clear camera and nice performance

  • Ravindra

very classic...

  • Anonymous

it has short screen

  • Anonymous

sayed, 04 Oct 2015screen shotits has screen shot

  • riya


  • sayed

screen shot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2015this mobile supports the whatsapp ???Yes

  • Anonymous

this mobile supports the whatsapp ???

  • Witwut

pop, 29 Apr 2015I found new one but they ask a 100 euros for phone.Is it th... moreseriously? ridiculous... imho, max 25 eu. (in good condition), find it on aliexpress