Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

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  • master

dear caste mar some people they left the phone open the small children they ply with it, and cloth the phone screen after then to un lock asking my googol account me I forgot my account haw I get help to open my phone

  • t92031

AnonD-341186, 13 Dec 2014I have used X 10 mini for almost 3 years. Currently I have ... moreHi!

I've tried to do this too. You can't update, because this update was removed from the servers now. Even if you downloaded 2.1 update, it was corrupted. To fix this, install a custom ROM, like Even if they write, that you need latest Android 2.1, I've tried doing this and it works perfectly if you have Android 1.6.

  • ss

Facebook messenger is not installing on this device. Is the is an solution ??

  • pop

asf, 06 May 2015can't download viber, skype... is there any solution for that?Try to found does Google stop to support platform 1.6 and 2.1,only from 2.3 and up you can download apps from Google.

  • asf

can't download viber, skype... is there any solution for that?

  • pop

I found new one but they ask a 100 euros for phone.Is it the real price for brand new one?

  • frango

Super phone for day to day use,,it have the power engine that supports most of custom os

really satisfied

  • Mr_D

WHere I can bought this phone now?

  • Raju

I bought it from Dubai in 2010 with inbuilt battery. i like this phone being small in size and performance is good. Now the problem is that authorised sony service centre in Kerala rejects replacement of battery being purchased from outside India. Where I can replace the battery ? Otherwise no problem.Please help me My e mail id is

  • Anonymous

its a good phone you chould to instal opera mini to donlwed music or video you can instal opera mini its free blev me

  • videlis

the phone is good but it does not install most non-market apps and also hangs when certain applications are running..... i resolve to update it to jelly bin 4.1.2 so that it can better of..

  • AnonD-370187

I think the best aspect of this product is the good camera. It makes very good photos. Life battery isn't so satisfactory, but it's ok. The bad aspect is that the small display size is really annoying when you want to browse internet, see a facebook post or just simply download something from google store. If you want to post something on facebook, that is a very hard task because the on-screen keyboard just makes you miss the old Nokia 1200. If you want to have some network activity, just buy the pro version of this phone (has qwerty keyboard).

  • Anonymous

how can i unlock my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini. i forget the answer of security option.

  • Rk

how to update android app in x10 mini m trying to update manually but its not working please send me the update line i need this because some android app are not working in my phone pls send me the link


  • shine

soopr phone.......

  • shimmy

my phone doesnt want to read my sd card it says not accessible

  • haris

AnonD-341186, 13 Dec 2014I have used X 10 mini for almost 3 years. Currently I have ... moremake your phone charge above 50% to update

  • AnonD-346985

Good Phone.

  • ATA

i use this little device about 4 years until now ... update the kernel and OS to 2.3.7 and so minimal high customized rom ... and if someday i found a device just alike this size i will change my phone but till then ill use very comfort with this one... equaly to my pocket sigarts.. thats so wonderful

  • AnonD-258320

Why this phone Xperia x10 mini on market they know this problem.
Normally you need to check your product before put the phone on market.