Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro

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  • MmaBohlokwa
  • N9n
  • 09 May 2024

Hi, please help, where can I get a battery for this phone, the price as well if possible.
I am located in south Africa Johannesburg. thank you

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    • Jers
    • 8x{
    • 04 Apr 2024

    I am from Costa Rica and I still have mine. Still works. Just that the USB port is broken and hard to charge

    Love the phone

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      • Alaba
      • Nu7
      • 19 Apr 2022

      I have been using Xpera X10 Mini since ever I can remember and am still using, how I wish this product can be reproduced to accommodate new features like whatsapp, Instagram, etc and also be able to have point where hotspots can work. Please send me a link were I can get an up date for the phone

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • sxr
        • 12 Oct 2021

        This phone is robust! I have used one of these as my main phone in 2017-2018 yeah it's pretty outdated in that year but the phone is so smooth to use like there's no bug in the UI and the headphones of this that is included in the box is sooo good you can literally hear every single extra sounds and backing vocals in each songs you play although the downside is it lacks bass. I said this is robust because even with a somewhat fragile looking construction, it survived every drops, I've dropped this many times and the thing still works fine and it also survived accumulating water (I've drop this in a toilet and my dumb self turned it on even with the water in it I wasn't aware that time that it'll make the phone brick but hey the phone still works even with water inside of it although the screen is dim due to the water inside which is surprising cause in that kind of scenario, other phones will not make it alive but it came back to normal again 😂) I really miss using this kind of phones that doesn't have any problems in the software

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          • Buloy
          • KgW
          • 25 Aug 2021

          Mine is still working though the buttons in front are missing

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            • MAN
            • uEB
            • 03 Aug 2021

            I like xperia mini x10 pro,. because small phone..

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              • DON DON
              • r3b
              • 25 May 2021

              DEXXO, 10 Dec 2019Only thing what Su...ks that som Apps no more working Yout... morePls mine is having flex problem I have changed it twice and it still have battery problem as well.
              No longer showing anything on the screen.

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                • Anonymous
                • rJ{
                • 14 Jan 2021

                Raji, 25 Sep 2019I want Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro strip please I wan... moreI have a x10 mini pro but battery is not available.

                  Only thing what Su...ks that som Apps no more working Youtube , watts app etc. stupid updates the hardware still can manage and handle Youtube and Wattsapp too. So bring back this apps !

                    • R
                    • Raji
                    • D0h
                    • 25 Sep 2019

                    Suresh Kumar , 11 May 2019I need a connecting strip for qwerty to display. Its gone. ... moreI want Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro strip please I want this

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                      • Suresh Kumar
                      • rJp
                      • 11 May 2019

                      I need a connecting strip for qwerty to display. Its gone. Please help me to find out...

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                        • Dragon Breath
                        • p6a
                        • 21 Apr 2019

                        Anonymous, 07 Nov 2018After using this phone, you will appreciate even a new dir... moreWell what did you expect after 9 YEARS!!!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 043
                          • 07 Nov 2018

                          After using this phone, you will appreciate even a new dirt cheap low end chines phone.

                            This phone definitely shows it's age. Android phones in general weren't very good at the time (with some notable exceptions, like the Samsung Galaxy S i9000).

                              • Z
                              • Zaph Nyondo
                              • rvG
                              • 09 May 2018

                              Coolest phone ever

                                • j
                                • jalla2000
                                • Sq9
                                • 04 Jan 2018

                                This phone is one of the coolest phones I've had. There is no phone like it anymore...

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                                  • AdamBoy64
                                  • Fv4
                                  • 08 Dec 2017

                                  What a great design. Just timeless.
                                  A shame we don't see phones like this anymore..

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                                    • P
                                    • U{R
                                    • 01 Oct 2017

                                    If u don't want this phone plz give it to me.I like this mobile very much

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                                      • AnonD-683457
                                      • t7A
                                      • 10 Jul 2017

                                      I found this phone again in one of my drawers and was quite excited like a kid as i missed typing sms messages with a keyboard as i am currently using samsung s7e & j7. I transferred my j7 sim back to the x10mp and charged it and voila, it is up and working, although it is just for sms and calls as this is what my back up subscription is for and the battery life still lasts me for 2 days. i could no longer update the applications though, but id rather access apps and web through my data phone.

                                      the x10mp still serves it's purpose for a secondary phone, battery life is still good (considering that it is almost 7yrs old and still lasts for 2days), small size which saves a lot of space compared to my j7, plus the physical keyboard which brings me back to those blackberry days where life is not that complicated and very basic with just sms and call and a bit of bbm(for the BB phone).

                                      sorry to be too excited with this obsolete phone, just so happy like a kid finding and getting reunited with an old toy...

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                                        • AnonD-683079
                                        • sye
                                        • 08 Jul 2017

                                        MakakSVK, 30 Apr 2017Using it in 2017! :D And still i like it , of course, i don... morehow can i get access to its file management