Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

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  • Shoeb

i guess it is one of the better phones in the market....

  • Mobilemaster

Great phone, I like it!

  • Mobilemaster

Great phone, I like it!

  • Anonymous

what bout the CPU?... waw ns for RAM and ROM...

  • Anonymous

no accelerometer??

  • Mido Nassar

mmmm at least it's better than XPERIA X1

  • mohamed samir


  • Barcode

lol i dont see to much of an improvement from x1

  • Anonymous

LOL, look at the internal memory... I mean, the lack of internal memory :))) SE, you're so pathetic

  • fayez

i thot this phone will be killer but its crap...i mean luk at its weight and size...and is not offering any new feature....SE disappointed.

  • Anonymous

thought it would be OLED

  • fox

exelent is good

  • Rip

Nice!!! Keyboard looks awesome!! 8mp cam? Cool! Three huge drawbacks for me...
1. Resistive touchscreen
2. No secondary video camera
3. Ludicrous internal memory...

  • Anonymous

hopefully shd get it next week... or asap

  • Ady

looks good

  • oby

the first!!!!