Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • ukp

it is good phone but need more internal memory space,,,,,

Any one tell me how I mount ext2 in sd card for link app. to sd card...????????

  • Anonymous

andriod 2.3.2 gingerbread on x8 video watch it

  • Carphone Jeff

I would recommend you to get Samsung Apollo rather than X8, because the current UK price for Apollo is £79, X8 is £99 in carphone. Both phones have WIfi, 3G and GPS, the key difference is that Apollo has multi touch as well as a faster CPU (667 vs 600). Apollo is a better phone nad cheaper

Many thanks

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4679, 26 Mar 2011which is better C5-03 or SONY ERICSSON Xperia X8? please help me... moreSE X8 is more "fun to drive" - Android 0S, capacitive tch screen, RAM 256 mb, free phone memory 128 mb, lot of applications from android market or other sites for customisation, softwares and games.

C5-03 is for more serious user - touch Symbian S60, resistive tchscreen, RAM 128 mb, phone memory up to 40 mb, many applications and games available from OVI stores or other sites - but there are many viruses also available.

  • sWan

Please~help me.How to upgrade to v2.1??Can we download from internet??

  • Anonymous this is the video of x8 andriod 2.3.2 gingerbread running & testing video watch it.

  • Anonymous

coming soon offical andriod 2.3.2 gingerbread on x10, x10 mini & x8 from sony ericsson

  • Anonymous

GrewSober, 26 Mar 2011Sony Ericsson, do you really listen to your. We need at least a ... morehello mr grew sony ericsson with in a short period x8 will upgradable to 2.3

  • iamjoonee

se. the x8 is a fairly new phone and you guys wont release any further updates? and again se the midrange handsets are like pot of gold for u.. pla reconsider..

  • GrewSober

Sony Ericsson, do you really listen to your. We need at least a 2.2 upgrade for our Xperia X8. Well, I guess your software developing team doesn't have enough brains to do it. It would be best for us consumers to go with LG, Motorola or HTC. Sony Ericsson has the worst customer support & has the most brainless software developing team. I used to be a big fan of Sony Ericsson but now I can say that I am starting to be it's number one hater. Phones that Sony Ericsson offers are also pretty expensive if we based it on features, software and hardware which are all and always outdated compared to what are being offered by other phone manufacturing companies. This I guess is my hate campaign for Sony Ericsson!

  • grayfox

alex, 23 Mar 2011HATE this phone. battery life was good for about a week then wen... morethis is d best phon,u dont know how to use it for me this is better than nokia, thats all.

  • AnonD-4679

which is better C5-03 or SONY ERICSSON Xperia X8? please help me guys to decide which of them should i buy.

  • AnonD-3720

hey guys plz help I wants to download games of high quality market doesn't provide more so plz suggest me good side and I have tried many sides like umnet when it start download out shows this file not supported plz help me

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2117, 24 Mar 2011is it true that only after 2.1 update we can transfer bluetooth ... moreYes it's true, you can have bluetooth data sending, and also save MMS file. (Before 2.1, you have to download MMS save app)

  • shijoy

NBT, 22 Mar 2011Anyone can tell me the web site to download android application?... more""
U wil get free app also from dis site. . . .:-)

  • mendoza

hey guys
to day SE just said that there will be a 2.3 update for the X10 i hope it comes to our x8

  • AnonD-3744

The Xperia X10 will getting gingerbread 2.3.3 at the end of q2 or early July, hope to see this little bro with the taste of that cookie.

  • andy

hey.........guy i m confused???
shuld i buy x8 or x10 mini.
help me out.

  • mina metry

x8 or x10 mini keep in mind that battery life is very imp to me ???

  • Ludwik

ATK does work.
And increases the battery life of the phone.