Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Amrit

It got 256 rom if based on this site:


may i know how to open wlan?

  • hiphophead

Iverie, 19 Oct 2010I don't give a damn about the camera, about the fact it has no f... moremy man

  • Winker

Tusharr, 19 Oct 2010Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Contact Center. With r... moreDon't believe what the SE Support says. They are just a bunch of mocking parrots.
SE Support is so pathetic they keep parroting the same thing. I had a query on when the Xperia X8 will be available - the answer I got was that it is yet to be release and there's no information on date of release - by the time I got the response, I had the phone in my hand and the phone was already in the market for at least 2+ days.

  • Iverie

I don't give a damn about the camera, about the fact it has no flash led nor music eq. I wouldn't use them anyway. Got a phone with flash led and I have used it once in two years.

The good thing is that is cheap: Of course things like an iPhone, or a blackberry are better then this, but it costs only 199 euro, wtf! You can't pretend anything better for such a low cost.

It has got a kinda good battery, a good display, a good connectivity, a great operative system... It is small, light... and CHEAP.

  • Spudulike

In regards to either the SE X8 or Nokia X6 its really down to what you want to get from your phone!

  • Tusharr

Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Contact Center.

With reference to your mail regarding Sony Ericsson handset XPERIA X8.We understand that you want to know whether there is a new update after 1.6.We would like to inform you till now there is no update after 1.6 but in future if any update will come that will appear in our website

Best Regards,
Sony Ericsson Contact Center

  • Anonymous

Good idea in practice handset show its low price range with a poor plastic finish. Os is android 1.6 seems sluggish when you first start send a sms. The soney ericsson default menu system is very restrictive but this can be chnaged with some handy installs from android markeplace. Great phone for someone who is wanting to pick up a cheap android handset or is wanting to try android for the fist time with out having to commit to a contract. Would not recommend for someone that is looking for a dedicated android smartphone.

  • yash

i just want it with 2.1

  • raafiRD

i want the blue color i can't wait it XD

  • Anonymous

i think the battery backup issue will be fixed in the update

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2010can somebody tell me if the camera has flash?No

  • Anonymous

i want to buy this :)

  • Anonymous

can somebody tell me if the camera has flash?

  • sekundes

this should be meant for women or for people with really small hands. could be a little small for the average guy. i'd want something around the 3.5inch but not bigger than a 4.0incher..

anyways a good gift to your girl if ever you want some sexytime ^_^

  • Gerwin S. Sobremisan

Finally, GSMArena reviews this phone! I must says it's a good buy if we speak about price-features ratio. I can't wait to get one!

  • Anonymous

Everything is good except bad camera & no multitouch.

  • Anonymous

I'm interested.But wait until it gets android 2.1.

  • Soham

shriram munde, 15 Oct 20101.the fon is great.....:) 2.i got battery backup more than i ex... morehey from which shop did you buy the phone from Pune ? N are all colors available ??? reply soon...

  • kgp

I bought x8 last week. i am having a problem with its wifi . it is displaying no networks, (even when i hit the manual search button).
is it some kind of hardware problem?
pls help !!

(i hav tried reseting the phone)
(on the day of purchase wifi was working fine)