Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • SE 2010

Mobilemaster, 15 Jun 2010No Led flash, no good pictures at night!I'm also angry with the led flash thing! I don't know what's the problem with se lately, releasing handsets with no flash! It's just wrong to do such thing, Usually we find such stup*id mistakes from samsung not a well known and great company like se.

Also, the internal memory still sucks! I wonder if they will ever change this.

  • Anonymous

The design is very X10 like and the screen size seems to be around 2.8-3 inches. The resolution would be greater then QVGA I Suppose.

  • Anonymous

i think the screen is not QVGA.

HVGA perhaps or WQVGA.

its disappointing it doesn't have any kind of flash.
not even atleast LED.


  • sony zzz

boring design.. I loved sony candybar style and sony should make more..

  • gr

it seems to be widescreen, i don't think it has a qvga display.. maybe wqvga...

  • mohon

QVGA Screen resolution! A nice looking handset but the display would spoil the deal.

  • mad max

it is a competetor t0 htc wildfire

  • XXX

Venom, 15 Jun 2010Specs are still rumors so it might be higher.Hi,
i don't think it will be higher, if the specifications are like Xperia 10 mini then what's the point here.

SE wants their Android to be in everyone hands.
My opinion this will be low End phone regarding the specifications with Wonderful design and build quality

  • Kilani

Nice Name!

  • Venom

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2010only qvga screen! i hope this was a typo! that would be the... moreSpecs are still rumors so it might be higher.

  • Anonymous

only qvga screen! i hope this was a typo! that would be the dummest handset of the summer if it's something less than hvga, although it should be wvga as with x10!

  • Abu 7asan

Still better than the mini!

  • Mobilemaster

No Led flash, no good pictures at night!

  • Anonymous

Seems great... Better choice than the mini.....